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Hi everyone.This is my first post here, although I,ve been playing the Combat Mission series since Beyond Overlord first came out in the U.K.I've also been playing Silent Hunter III lately and there is a great little tool available which enables Mods to be installed and uninstalled in that game.I tried it in CMAK and it works just as well there.It's called the Generic Mod Enabler and it's by Jaeson Jones.It's avery small download and it's free and available in the Mod sectin of U-Boot.RealSimulation.com

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Originally posted by BARMAN1950:

A very basic question I'm sure, but how do I use those fabulous mods at CMMODS??

I have a G3 iMAC at 600mbs. I have never mod'd anything before but I would like to "give it a go".

Thanks for your help! [/quote

First registar at cmmods.com if you haven't already, download the required zipped mod - unzip- sometimes you'll need to put the files into a temp folder before installing. Most importantly BACK UP your main 'Data'/'BMP' folder and then just copy into it the new files - make sure you check the options and that txt and jpg files are excluded in the data dump.

Mac CMBO used a different data resource than CMAK and CMBB and the program needed to mod it was called MCM3 v1.6

There are a couple of semi-automatic mac mod programs for AK and BB and I think they are downloadable from CMMODS


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The JonesSoft Generic Mod Enabler is simplicity itself to use.The instructions for use come with it of course but basically after you download it you unzip it into the root CMBO,CMBB or CMAK folder,create a new folder in the same place called Mods putting your mods inside.When you leftclick on the Enabler icon it will open showing a list of your mods.It is just a case of highlighting the mod and clicking on the 'enable' arrow and that's it the mod is installed.It also makes a backup of the original Bitmap so you can uninstall the mod and go back to that original Bitmap.

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Ok I am getting along better with mod managing, I was tad frustrated because it is pretty overwhelming to start.

My main question right now is.... how do I get CMMOS to work with CMAK? is there a patch of some way I can modify it myself to include a CMAK menu?

The MCMMM mod manger is great, but sorting all the mods is quite a job. Many mods don't reference the exact unit they are meant to replace or mod. Since I get a mod for a "Tiger Tank" with no documentation and indication of what theater it replaces or version of the tiger it is for... as an example. So I am in the process of going through every single mod and trying to sort out what is what and renaming the zip file.

Is there a list out there that tells me what BMP number goes with what>

It would be of great use to me as a fledgling modder/organizer.

I am sure all these subject have been hit on over the the last 5 years. I am finding it hard to get info in the forums and most of the CM websites these days are dead links.

So help me if ya can.

Thanks in advance!

Oh yeah, and go buy all my ww2 art work on my homepage haha

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AH found it

The CMMOs that is compatible with CMAK is at the Combat mission mod database

Log in

goto the CMBO mod section

hit the tab "By designer"

Look under "MikeT"

Click "all"

Click "Other"

Then click "CMMOS V4.05a"

Ta da!

I know this might be old news to most folks, but the most posts about it the better I guess.

It is rather hidden

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Just be aware that the issue is not so much getting CMMOS to work with CMAK as it is to get CMAK to work with CMMOS.

What that means is that each bmp has to be recoded and programs have to be written to get mods to respond to the CMMOS key strokes.

CMMOS is really good for handling lots of options on a particular mod if someone has taken the trouble to do the conversion. The trouble is that by the time CMAK came along most of the CMMOS editors were either burnt out or too busy with other activities. I still remember the moment when I realized that I hadn't actually played the game...

Bottom line, CMBO was about 90% converted, CMBB was about 30% converted, and CMAK is about 10% converted.

Your best bet for CMAK would probably be a combination of McMMM for the main mods and manual folders for the options.

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