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Help with German Translations

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Currently analyzing German spring '42 firing tests against T34 armor with 37mm and 50mm anti-tank guns, and came across following terms:

Durchschuss kleine als Kaliber glatt

Durchschuss Glatt

Typing this at library without benefit of report so above is what I remember.

Also came across an abbreviation term "oM" which I assume is a failure from some of the results but can't be sure.

Would appreciate technical translation of above terms.


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I'm not an expert, but I'll take a shot.

"Durchschuss kleine als Kaliber glatt" should probably be "Durchschuss kleiner als Kaliber, glatt." Which would mean something like Clean penetration smaller than the caliber of the shell. Meaning, I think, a clean/smooth/neat hole.

"Durchschuss glatt" would then mean something like "clean penetration."

Anyway, that's my take on it.

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rexford, can you post more of the context of the abbreviation 'oM'. I would assume the 'o' stands for 'ohne', what means 'without'. But the 'M' is somehow odd. It is obviously a noun, but I can not make the connection to a 'failure of some of the results'. Could stand for 'ohne Meldung' - 'not reported'

Nowadays the abbreviation 'oM' in German stands for 'ordentliches Mitglied' what means 'regular member'..... :D

So, I'll give it a try once you posted some more of the context.


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Thanks for all the responses, which sre very helpful.

I'll get my copy of the report and post the statements and prior translation regarding oM.

It is amazing that the 50mm L60 gun obtained complete and partial penetrations of a 42.1mm plate at 65 degrees slope from vertical, range about 100m.

We think the 50mm gun used uncapped AP of highest quality, the report doesn't seem to be very specific about the ammunition.

It appears that the 37mm and 50mm anti-tank guns had plenty of APCR during the spring of 1942, so we thought at one time the German firing trials were using APCR. But the 37mm rounds penetrate more T34 high hardness armor than German face-hardened armor, so we're not sure.

Thanks again.

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Originally posted by farmerch:

Yes, SchnellerHeinz is correct with the translation. Nevertheless, the source of these exoressions is a little bit strange as it doesn't quite reflect proper German language. But I guess schnellerheinz grasped the meaning.

It ain't proper language in a text. But in a form, I'd write the same. Just adding fixed expressions and separating with commas. Eases comparison.



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