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Mod ORDER!!!!

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Hmmm... how about a field applied camo covering a base of panzer gray... ive seen some of those out there on the great modding site of the world... and they look real nice... i cant imagine that all germans that painted their tanks in camo schemes had access to dunkelgelb colour... (oh and the :D means that you shouldnt take it so darn seriously)

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oh and i am not demanding that they have to be anywhere near your crisp standards... i would imagine it takes you a HELLUVA long time to do your mods considering the quality of them... you and mr. noob are my favourite modders... not saying that the rest are bad or anything... just that i like yours better tongue.gif

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Here are the suite of PZ 35(t) and 38(t) A, E and G tanks in a cheesy hungarian-style camoflage knock off. The camoflage doesn't match up right because I did this in a super hurry, and because it's more of a proof-of-concept idea.

Ugly, but not impossible:


and in "Lozenge" camo. (purple tanks!)


find it at cmmods.com


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Originally posted by MikeyD:

Hey Oddball, do you have ANY idea how hard it is to turn a medium grey tank into a decent looking light yellow tank? Someone with a LOT of dedication is going to have to tackle that mod - that's a fact.

...it may not be as hard as you think. I figured out a method that got me pretty close to the in-game field yellow color for the pz 38(t). I just shared the method with Gautrek, if it works for him, then perhaps I/we can write it up and post the "tutorial" here or at cmmods.com. It took me about 3 hours to make 3 full mods for the whole suite of Czech tanks...which considering I've only be modding for a month...ain't so bad. :cool:


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LOL.....I thought I was the only one who had a B&W newsreel fetish, SgtGoody! Just turn down the color on your monitor....btw it works w/ your TV for those terrible "colorized" old movies, too.

Re: the camo Pz35/38 mod, better make 'em rusty and damaged since by late war these will all have some miles on 'em...

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