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  1. Can I just remind some posters to read a whole thread, and that I've played CM for years. Kindly address my second post where I tried to explain further or please do not make comments which are already answered previously: I sincerely hope I don't see any more stupid comments like 'Why didn't you try for a flank' or 'Play with FOW off'
  2. Wow, this is turning into a hot topic To all those who say this could happen and isn't a problem I'm afraid I still vehemently disagree. Some have said that from a certain angle a Jagdpanther can look like a Panther. May I respectfully remind them that I had hundreds of men on the field, Veterans at that, it was clear, the Jagdpanther was almost constantly moving around on the top of a small hill and eventually came down to within 70m of my lead troops, my men were taking views from many angles, all 360 degrees by the game end and probably 180 degrees on any particular turn, we were at
  3. Oh c'mon guys. Do you think that of the hundreds of men I had looking at it, one of them might at least have seen a TURRET before? I'm lost for words at the moment if you think this is acceptable. Let's take a few more posts and see.
  4. In our regular Sunday afternoon TCP game my buddy decided to go for the uber-cat and bought a Jagdpanther to the field. We normally stay away from the very heavy stuff so I hadn't seen this problem before. For about half of a 37 turn game he kept it in full view at the back of the map dominating the objectives, sensible chap. However my VETERAN troops of all kinds for the whole period were reporting it as a 'Panther'. At the end of the game I had squads just 68m away from it and they still reported it as a 'Panther'. Obviously I know that it wasn't fully ID'd (which I also find very odd
  5. Sure it's possible, but it isn't probable. I've started more all random generated battles than I can remember, and given up on seemingly most because the majority of the time you will get an open type map and an infantry type force. If you look at the parameters and assuming each choice has an equal chance of occurring it is easy to see why. Hills, 3 out of 5 chance of being virtually flat. Trees 2 out of 4 of being almost none. Force type 3 out of 6 chance of being massively infantry heavy (check out a few C/A AI selections!). I think the force selection problem may occur because either
  6. [ August 07, 2003, 08:32 PM: Message edited by: Rex Bellator ]
  7. OMG! If you are losing to the AI then your only option is to keep quiet you muppet
  8. One piece of advice if you are playing against a new TCP opponent, I would agree whether any heavy tanks, or any of the early war medium tanks, are allowed beforehand. The majority of new players I've fought against did not hesitate to pick a KV2 in 1941 or Tigers in 1943 etc. until we started agreeing on this.
  9. If you are playing smaller or medium QBs (1500 pts or less) then the Combined Arms setting definitely causes the Ai problems purchasing tanks, so you will rarely see any worthwhile armour to pound with or against. ISTM that the Ai usually tries to purchase a whole platoon and if it can't gives up on even a semi-decent tank arm and goes for the odd halftrack instead. A sizeable tank force will be chosen if you select 'Unrestricted'. Of course if you know this it can spoil the fun somewhat. If you leave the force type to 'Random' then from my experience you will almost always get a very infan
  10. I did some checking myself and compared the SU-100 and SU-85M. The points difference wasn't as marked as I thought, in fact it is barely worth bothering about. Both these machines can seemingly eat the German cats for breakfast, but the SU-100 can do it at twice the range. It seems that SU-85Ms can rely on regularly penetrating Tigers frontally at around 750m meters and Panthers at around 500m. An SU-100 can do it at twice those ranges. The main advantage of the SU-85M is that it carries twice the ammo loadout. The big disadvantage is that it relies on it's Tungsten until close. Th
  11. I think the SU-85M version can do the same job as the SU-100 but at a cheaper cost. It's upper armour is also virtually invulnerable, and it's gun usually has a good tungsten loadout as well as more ammunition for other types. Might be worth considering.
  12. Luxury. We used to have to kill ourselves with the family frozen haddock twenty seven times before we could even get up, eat a Soviet tank division for lunch while working a 78 hour day in the toothpick factory, and when we got home our Dad would thrash us to sleep with a broken Molotov bottle if we were lucky.
  13. Very nice site. Your browsing for no particular reason is certainly adding to my favourites list. Cheers.
  14. Another good link - well worth a read. For example: War is hell.
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