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Night battles and other questions?

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Some questions I would appreciate feedback on.

1. Night battles seem to have a few anomalies of troop behavior that I don't notice during day actions. Do troops "panic" easier at night than during the day? I've experienced several cases where an infantry squad are "command connected" with high moral bonus and they begin to fire at an enemy squad, who don't return fire. For no apparent reason, they immediately turn to "panic" mode and begin to crawl away, still never having received any incoming fire? I've also had a flame-thrower type be "watering down" a bunch of bad guys who also didn't return fire and do exactly the same thing even though he wasn't threatened at all?

2. I'm trying to understand the display at the bottom of the screen when one clicks on a "star" or "axis cross" marker when nothing else is showing. The condition is "extreme fog of war". Sometimes when I click on the marker it shows:

(a) the "terrain type" and the graphic pic of a soldier's face on the left.

(B) the "terrain type" ONLY with a blank screen (no pic) where the graphic of a soldier's face usually appears.

© no display of either a "terrain type" or the graphic pic of a soldier's face on the left.

I read someplace (maybe here?) that these various display types mean something and you can tell whether the unit underneath is eliminated or not from it?

Thanks for the help.....



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1. It could be yout are reciving fire, but you cannot see it, because of the night conditions.

2. What is seen reflects what info you have gatered on the enemy unit. So if you are close and can see it clearly, you will see all sorts of info, but if you have just spotted it in the distance, you may only get "Infantery?" and terrain type. And there are many in betweens, as you have seen.

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Originally posted by Mr Byte:

.. now Badgerdog get your setup done so I can restore some of my honour :D:D

NP Steve.... :D

Sorry, I've been extremely busy with real life work the last few days, plus I find it hard to set-up on a small laptop.....

I'll get it done when I get home tonight ... :D



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Night battles are very different (night and fog even more so!). You often won't see incoming fire. Your men panic much more easily. In addition, your own men will mistakenly target friendlies.

Panicking, not being able to identify incoming fire, friendly fire and spotting like you have a bucket on your head are MUCH worse with low quality troops. Very high quality troops (crack/elite) really come into their own at night.

Night fighting requires additional tactics and considerations then good visibility.

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also, tanks in night battles are almost useless sometimes. try the scenario Night Raid for a great example of this. It seems even when I can spot troops within range, the tank doesn't seem to fire even with area fire (??). Also, even unbuttoned they have tons of blind spots. You can literally use the move command right up on them.

nope, night battles are confusing and not that great

edit: also, weather takes a huge role as well. I guess its fairly biased in the above tank review since Night Raid takes place during a snowy night, which would hinder them even more.

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A few things I've noticed are:


  • troops tend to 'spray' area fire a little more widely at night. This can cause more incidents of friendly fire casualties, as well as pinning down friendly troops.</font>
  • troops are more sensitive to fire or explosions from either side at night. I've seen squads ducking for cover when a friendly mg opens up on an area that's at least 40m away from said squad.</font>

Combat at night is a different affair, to be sure, from day combat. However, I enjoy the reduction in LOS a lot, which gives the Soviets a great equalizer in combat. It's been said that 40% of all Soviet attacks in 1944-45 were at night, so the designing and playing of night scenarios should be given more attention.

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  • 2 months later...

I am in the middle of my first night battles.

I have yet to come to grips with the morale problem of the infantry (tank crews don't seem to have a problem). The spotting ability of troops and tanks on the move seems markedly reduced as well.

As the Soviets, it seems I would have been better off limiting myself to tank vs tank engagements in open terrain. It seems the Soviet infantry is better off just riding along and jumping off to occupy (hopefully) a piece of terrain not defended by the enemy (one of my night battles is part of an operation and holding key ground may influence the next battle come day-light).

In a pure night battle I am at a loss as to how to handle infantry. Any ideas out there?



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