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  1. I can't imagine a direct hit from a javelin at that angle, even if it hit the MG, would not do an ounce of damage. It had to have done something.
  2. how heavy is that big warhead at the bottom?
  3. So in fall then...??? :confused: My guess is that they're going to discuss a facet of the game. Maybe deployment zones or something trivial. The other guess would be that they're moving shop to another publisher, but that seems unlikely. I'm only allowed one guess so I'll pick my first. Anything else would be really surprising.
  4. I really hate being a downer but that little blurb isn't too enticing. It almost makes it seem like they're surprised to get e-mails about it or something. Unless they post a virtual butt-load of information that looks promising, and not just a new UI update or new graphics, who really cares? I seem to post here every 5 to 6 months or so because of the tiny, gleaming hope in my eye that wishes this great little game to be released. I've been waiting for literal years, and only made worse by how extremely lack luster CM:SF was upon release and arguably even today. It is a strange feeling to
  5. This is seriously the most confusing post I have ever read. Try uninstalling and reinstalling completely dude.
  6. still waiting for them to fix tcp/ip having to play real time with sync issues and everything else going haywire makes this game unplayable
  7. If it is a design decision it is an incredibly bad one. I haven't played CMSF since release because I have no way of playing it online.
  8. Shock force honestly was a shock (ba-zing) to the system. No matter how many excuses one could make to defend the title, it is still virtually unplayable where it counts the most: multiplayer. I haven't played SF since the first week it was out because I had completed everything there was to do, and TCP/IP wouldn't work. In contrast, I've played a game of CM at least four times a month for several years. Even when TCP/IP worked the real time only made it completely impossible to play.
  9. I always felt this game was one big experiment and the next major engine update will fix a lot of nuisances. No amount of patches could fix some of the more fundamental things, like Quick Battles and what not. I imagine it like CMBO to CMBB, except now it's more like CMBO Alpha to CMBO.
  10. Lt Bull, I agree. I would personally pay whatever price they originally had for MP only. From the beginning I wondered how they could possibly build a solid AI for such a complicated endeavor, both strategically and tactically. It seems utterly impossible given the original CM AI and the amount of variables present. Admittedly, the over world AI and the battlefield AI are completely separate, but that still makes things even more complex by allowing the 'hive mind' AI go about it's usual business when it needs to approach objectives uniquely. Upon it's announcement I think everyone was exc
  11. 10+ it attempts to make everything better -10 it fails a little bit in all areas
  12. I am a little surprised that this forum even exists anymore. Gameplay mechanics haven't even been discussed since the initial revealing.
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