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  1. Have you... used it? It seems pretty self explainitory. It just cycles through all the targets the unit can currently see.
  2. I'm pretty sure it will. Usually by scaring the crew out of the half-track itself, and I've accomplished it a few times. I wouldn't say it's as efficient as a .50 caliber but it's close enough to try if you're in a good position to unload.
  3. Not only that but Hunt is considerably more fast that "Move". I doubt they are using finesse in moving the tank, just trudging forward. It makes sense from a tactical standpoint. It's sorta like "sneaking" a tank across mines, except they have to use Move command instead.
  4. That is amazing. I must show this to my fellow CM colleagues. It's interesting how a single test like this makes a proof that can seriously save your ass in combat. I think I'd rather take the 4% (20/5?) chance than waste turns trying to disable the mines. It's still a gamble but the odds aren't bad... [ February 15, 2006, 07:56 AM: Message edited by: securityguard ]
  5. If you know your opponent will have more than two pieces of armor, grab only the most cost effective airplane. Planes do not do so well against infantry, spotters are more effective in that role. Don't grab a plane when your opponent expects it, IE. you buy planes a lot so he'll know to buy AA. Avoid planes with really obscure or miniscule loadouts such as 48x 5lbs bombs or pure strafe loadouts. AA isn't too effective against planes, but when the odds of a plane doing damage is tiny to begin with taking any chances is not worth it. I have seen a few planes break off or even get shot down,
  6. I played the SPW scenario tonight with the sunflowers with another player. Was axis, got my butt kicked 4% / 96%. Mostly my fault though, great scenario!
  7. Darn, I forgot the editor doesn't take rarity into account. However, I'd like to point out with various dates / regions the rarity points are different. Late War south the 75mm 1918 gun is nearly 42pts, but early war central it's only 22pts. The 150mm almost never changes prices, and so far I haven't seen it other than 40% rarity, 74/60pts...
  8. Does anyone actually move AT or Infantry guns mid QB battle? How does that work? The first turn you fire with the gun, everything sees it. It will almost always be fired at and the gun will abandon, unless your opponent is unlucky and doesn't have mortars. If he doesn't have mortars, then theres no reason to move it - huge waste of time. I'm not saying the 150mm can't be countered, or isn't easily countered - it is. However for 53 points theres almost no reason not to take the risk with one since they are so immensely powerful. Even if you only get a turn of shooting out of them they can ch
  9. It's one reason I don't play PBEM's. They almost never begin, finish, whatever.
  10. I think during a JAM, since they aren't firing, they turn into an icon in most situation anyways. Hiding them would be cool for a suprise attack though. I've had one dude hide his MG42's after my gun shelled it, then when I got a little closer he unloaded on me through an arc.
  11. 150 IG has been under priced for every version of CM, for sure. Anyone who says otherwise has no idea how the game works or doesn't use them right. I think they're priced at 53 pts (rarity depending) and can easily destroy 100pts+, more if not countered. An 81MM spotter cost slightly more than that and doesn't have nearly the same effect. Infact, one reason I couldn't play CMBO online anymore was due to 150mm whoring. SMG squads and 150mm guns, man that sucked for online quick battles. Carl Puppchen, you're right. Most of the time people pick those in competitive play which is why I d
  12. I made a huge thread on 150mm tactics awhile back, do a search on it. Has some countering info, but you mostly hit the nail on the head. Yeah, 150mm is a risky buy but in general it's so cheap it doesn't really matter. It can do almost quadruple its point value in the right situation. A lot of people think the KV-1 is over powered in early war, and it probably is. I think the Panzer IIIJ can counter it but just barely. If you fight early war you can pretty much expect a KV-1 in your fight, so it's just best to examine the tank and find the right gun for it.
  13. Not really, it's just as easy to make a battle as gamey as CMBO is. Even CMBO had 'rules' made up by the players to create balanced battles, since the game wasn't inherently balanced. However it is true that CMBO is far more a 'game' than it is a 'simulation'. Thus making a balanced battle in CMBB and CMAK a little harder, since there are more variables for disaster than success. I suppose that makes it a simulation since you don't have many options many times, even in a perfectly matched up battle. I've been playing CM series for years now and while I agree CMBO is easier to play, I gues
  14. PBEM takes weeks to complete, from what I've seen. Even with fast opponents. Something always comes up. I'm not totally innocent, I've abandoned PBEM's before, but I have yet to successfully complete an entire game over e-mail. TCP/IP only takes around one hour for a single battle. It keeps you focused the entire time. Almost no one uses the 'turn clock'. No, you are not pressured in any way to do turns. Some of my bigger battles take several minutes per turn - this is why there is a 'save' function so you can return to these huge battles. TCP/IP is the way to play and I'm not quite sur
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