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Let's give the flash back to your muzzle flash!

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Probably the cheesiest mod ever! :D

I simply took the 1720.bmp texture, picked the lightest shade of yellow from it, and filled it to every pixel, and voila!

This results in a nice, more dramatic muzzle flash, more visible from afar. It somewhat matches what I saw in footages of firing modern tanks, so maybe I'll even call it photo-realisticâ„¢! :D But seriously I don't know that much about muzzle flashes of WW2 tanks so it may or may not be historically accurate. This texture also make tank explosions a little bit more flashy.

I was quite surprised by the results of this simple little change. Has this been done before?

The texture file and screenshots are here.

Here are the screenshots:

Zoom In:


Zoom Out:


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I like the smaller size, but think it's a little light: the very light yellow should be at the center only, with the next darker shade making up most of the texture, and an irregular "roiling" orangish rim. IMO! :D

I hope you keep at it as I'd enjoy the luxury of choosing between a more colorful version and Malakovski's effort at the same mod....I like the irregular shape of your flash better (even for explosions).

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MikeyD and Zimorodok:

The muzzle flash animation uses the first frame of explosion and then a smoke texture. So the new muzzle bmp will make the vehicle and some other explosions "flashy" as well, and the smoke is not affected at all.

BTW I've tried to brighten the original bmp to retain some of the texture on the flash. I've also tried to add a brown border to it, and here's the results:

Without border:


With brown border:


These screenshots are currently hosted at a yahoo group page and the link can go broken and any time. :( But they can be accessed on this link .

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Thanks! I'll try them out tonight. I've got a good replay from "Message from Goetz" that has about 8 or so Panthers opening up almost at once. Should be cool.

Update: Just tried them out. Very nice. Tanks are much more visible firing now. Work great with artillery as well. You get that initial quick bright flash without the firey Hollywood effect. Makes small caliber arty (81mm and below) much more visible, even when zooming out at level 5. Good job!

I liked the textured with a border one the best. Looks more real and works best with the artillery explosions.

You might want to post these to the CM Mods Database if Yahoo keeps giving you trouble.


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