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about maps...me needs new and better input...

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hmm, well ok...made alot of maps sofar.

Guess some ore alot of u seen and maybe played some of them.

Myself, i played only the odd one, and like i do only a few.

I havent made new maps for a little while now, and thats because the new ones i kept making didnt improve on the older ones anymore, atleast thats what i was thinking. And also i kind of worked through all types/ sizes/ and weather and such. So also there no new way to go.

But now i would like to do some more maps.

And i could use some input from all of u players on whats a good map.

I know there are a few ways to go. Like small maps/big maps, plenty turns/short battle. nighttime, rural, large town, from real life ore..., and soone.

And i know my scale-ing could improve (one of the reasons why i want to make new maps).........


Me i liked maps like -Festung Breslau- -Siege on sloss Klessin- -KneiberDam- some of the Spanish sivil war maps and -Task Force Smith Korea-.

But mostly for looks only, and because i could learn from those how to make good looking maps.

...But its not just that that makes a good map, surely.

Please feel free to tell me all there is to tell... :D:rolleyes:

How do player v player players want to play like? and especially on what kind of maps would that be?

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hi theike.

my friend & i like playing armoured attack/infantry defense rather than ME's as they're a bit more realistic (ISTM). so i'd like a few lightly wooded rural maps with one side an area that you would choose to defend. i.e. if you had a gun line you wouldn't choose to put them in the field, you'd try to put them in a natural tree line.

we do ~1250pt battles, so if you fancy doing some around that size that would be appreciated.

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One very important thing to keep in mind is that you needn't spend time on all the factors like time, weather, turns, fanaticism, etc.

People download your maps, fire up a quick battle, and instead of generating a map, they use yours. The quick battle allows them to select all of the parameters, so all you need to do is concentrate on topography.

My own suggestions would be maps that are at least 1200 width by at least 800 height. Also, as we discussed once before, easy on the roads in Russia! ;)

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Theike, I have used some of your maps for TCP games and they really offer very challenging moments. Besides they look beautiful and accuratetly crafted, something that really counts for me. Medium to large sized maps with farmlands and villages with small to modest hills and decent tree coverage are my favourite. Maps that offer strategic thinking in a large scale but do not undermine small unit

action are the ideal IMO.

Attention to small details is really crucial to make a map interesting. I dont like scattered woods here and there that make the terrain complicated for no reason. I prefer rather clearly defined areas of LOS if possible.

Keep up your good work!

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thanks Panzermartin.

I like all maps that really give u an oh and ah (overwhelming) feeling, like indeed the kneiber dam does, apart from that for playing i also find the farmland/rural maps with small towns/villages (mostly) and larger wooded patches around ore on and besides the sloped terrain the best. pff what a sentence.

Good to hear that.

But i made so many of those already...

grr, i was hoping for some inspiration, something that would...

thing is; most of the more interesting maps to make, are also the less playable ones.

hmm, yes, ok....(thinking now)*

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Ive put 10 new maps on at commods.database's mapssection.

6 quickly made one's to play quickbattle's on against my ai...

2 conversions of Craig's very very large map to engage each of the town's...

and 2 times a map of a town with city-walls i tried to give a cool look...but...hard to play on.

And now for the weeks to come ill try to do some more of whats said above.

Im allready enjoying myself... tongue.gif

Picture's are most welcome though...

and,thanks guys.

[ June 22, 2003, 10:28 PM: Message edited by: theike ]

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