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Two stupid battles

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I'm playing CMBB using Biltong's Campaign Rules, where you play a QB after QB as Germans using predetermined parameters. Lately I've had two strange battles.

First is a battle with German pure armor against Russian armor. I (the Germans) had 50% casualties and 10% ammo. I gave one set of orders for my tanks, watched the turn and then the game ended. A ceasefire and total defeat! WTF? I didn't even have a chance to try to advance and win at least one flag. That wouldn't have been impossible.


Then the second one. This time the Russian assault. Again I have 50% casualties and 10% ammo (both these battles have been in winter 41-42 in extreme cold and blizzard). I've got a mix of Germans and Italians against lots of Russian armor troops. I have a lot of AT and AP mines and barbed wire, which I used around my defences. The game lasted 45 turns and I didn't see a shadow of enemy during the whole time.

This is the map after the battle. The Russian troops are all exhausted and far away from my troops. This was the most boring battle I've ever had.


Has someone else encountered this, especially the last one?

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I encountered the last one before. German defender vs Russian attack in heavy snow. The game finished with no contact and the final map revealed that the AI had spent the entire time trying to mass his forces at one point. They were all in one clump of trees or on their way there and were exhausted.

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There have been a couple comment/complaints on the board in the past about battles with less than 20% ammo going straight to cease fire. Seems when your setup parameters and the game's ceasefire parameters match then the gam turns out to be rather short.

The second, you're talking pretty long walking distances in very inhospitable terrain! Sure the map may not seem that big but it looks at least 3 times the size of an old CMBO map. If you're going to have soldiers wading through snow drifts during a blizzard may I suggest you start the game with the combatants about as close together as you dare get them, and avoid any long hikes.

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The answer is to ask for a small map when you want a medium ('cause it'll give you a medium anyway), and 45 turns when you want 30 (to fast-forward through the first fifteen turns).

People in the past have complained about the small scenario maps and lack of 'maneuver'. Well, this is what happens when you're compelled to maneuver around a big map in order to find someone to shoot at! CM's pretty much two different games, infantry combat and tank combat. sometimes a map optimized for one is too big or too small for the other.

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Originally posted by vedder:

I don't know how anyone can willingly play the AI in this game. Every time I've attempted to , I've fallen asleep not long after. ;) With cmchat and the oppenent finder forums why would anyone subject themselves to such torture ? tongue.gif

I agree that the AI is completely vile on attack. It will, and i mean NEVER put up an convincable attack / ME. Its good for scenarios when theyre defending though, because they really only have one function - sit and shoot
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