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Curduroy road WIP-Pinky help pls!

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Ah, the dreaded Pink Spots! Not much else to do but go in and eradicate the little suckers. This often--well, always, actually--seems to happen when editing a BMP with a pink transparency knockout. The pixels on the edge of the pink area get discolored and then you get this.

I'm not sure what application you're using to MOD, but you just need to zoom in and recolor the suspect pixels. Selection tools like Photoshop's magic wand and "select color" command can help, but they're far from ideal in this situation. It's a tedious task, but not as bad as it seems. smile.gif

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Originally posted by benpark:

Thanks, everybody-

I had dug up an old topic where I used your trick, Mr. Noobie-it helped quite a bit (I am using Photoshop as well).

Is it the slightly darker pink pixels that are the offenders? I seem to get them every time, in varying amounts. Nasty lil buggers...

I think the "feather" feature in Photoshop creates them when you are not careful it edits the numeric value of the pink to a different (but similiar) value that then is NOT transparent. So you see it as pink near the edges.

There is only one value of pink that is transparent.

I don't know its RGB value but I am sure someone here can post it.

any pink pixels in a mod that are NOT the exact numeric value of the "transparent pink" value are then visible and give you the ugly pink fringe.

What are the RGB values of transparent pink in CMBB?


-tom w

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One way to avoid pinkies (if you're modifying an existing mod) is to copy all the magenta area before you do anything else and paste it onto a new layer. Now no matter how much you do to the bottom layerthe knockout color will still knock out.

Of couse you have to flatten the image again before resaving as a bmp.

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