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NEW From-Scratch Valentine Mod!!!!!!

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A new from-scatch mod of a vehicle that really needed some help:

British-built Valentine mkIV

you can view/download it here:


This version isn't CMMOS compliant (I work off a mac) but Gordon should be putting a compliant copy onto his CMMOS site soon. Enjoy.

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This mod is absolutely stunning ! Please please please (with sugar on top) tell us you will consider modding the M18 Hellcat for CMBO (yes, I know, this is the CMBB forum, but I still like playing CMBO too) because that one has been overlooked a bit; and you just gave us proof you're capable doing the job. Well, this is just my request, don't take it too seriously, but rather keep on modding smile.gif

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Excellent work! :eek:

You know most of the modders(including my self),

mostly rely on the original textures to make

a mod.Making a mod from scratch seems so difficult to acheive.Especially a mod of such high quality.Attention to detail is astonishing

in this one.

Makes me wonder about the method that you follow.I guess that this isnt possible by working

directly on a blank bmp :confused:

Thanks a lot!

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Oh geez, you want to know about technique? Hold onto you hat, this is going to be a loooong note:


Programs used - Adobe illustrator and Adobe Photoshop.

Step 1:

If the original bmp is halfway accurate I import the bmp into Adobe illustrator as placed art, and use it as a template. Draw my line art directly over it, replace all the details. Then I delete the original bmp , save the line art as an eps file, and reopen it in Photoshop.

Step 2:

I've now got a straight b&W mod. Then I start applying layers of shading and shadowing. I think on the Valentine hul top I counted over 30 different layers at one point! When it looks convincing I flatten the image down to one layer.

Step 3:

I've now got a greyscale mod (no color). Then, I slip a layer BEHIND the art layer and give the whole layer a solid color. I change the art layer to 'Multiply' mode, which lets the color show through. Add more layers underneath the art layer to add highlights, change colors on individual widgets, etc. And let's not forget the magenta knock-out layer on top.

I've now got a full color mod. BUT, the art probably won't display well in the game due to color banding when it's downres'd. So I've got to go to the bottom color layer and add noise (speckles) to break-up the banding effect. Now I flatten the image and save as a bmp.


We're not done yet. That was if you've got a decent default bmp to draw over. What if you DON'T have base art...

Step 1:

Create a blank white photoshop file in a standard size (256 pixels by 512 pixels for instance). Guess where major elements would go and draw big black lines and circles to sketch the areas. Save as a bmp file under the proper file name. Drop into the bmp folder, open the game and check the vehicle to see where your sketch lines fell. Go back to photoshop, reposition your sketch lines, resave ,reimport, reopen the game, etc .etc. Repeat about a million times til you're got all the basic area accurately blocked-out on the file.

THEN, import that sketch bmp into illustrator and draw your line art over it as describe above. Follow steps 2 and 3 as before.

From-scratch modding ain't for the faint-hearted but it's a good way to pass the time on a cold winter evening. ;)

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NICE! check this off the list :D hell do all the lend lease :D im still doing the SU's and the light tanks

EDIT: lately ive been doing before and after shots, i think with this particular mod the before and after can show off how much a wonderful job you've done.

[ January 03, 2003, 08:36 PM: Message edited by: MrNoobie ]

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