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Is CMBB workable in Classic on the new fast Macs?

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A friend suggested that the new Macs (800 MHz+ G4s in single or dual processor configurations, post 2002 manufacture) may be fast enough to run CMBB

properly in Classic. This may or may not be true, but with several new Powerbooks (including the 17" Fate's drooling over) and an improved 17" iMac with Bluetooth, Firewire 2 and Airport at 5x old Airport data rates freshly released, his question does have me wondering. I'm sure I'm not the only one. Is there enough computational horsepower on the new rigs to offset the fact that 3-D rendering is done via relatively slow software emulation?


John Kettler

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That is correct. There is NO WAY to currently play CM inside OS X. The only real kludge is a post in the tech support forum about someone getting it to run in Virtual PC. I didn't think ActiveX would work well enough for it to run, but at least one person says they got it to work).

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There are still lots of the last generation of Macs out there that are still new and deliver nearly the same performance. A 1.25 dual processor would be plenty fast for all but a MSW user. :D My dual 867 is just fine for all but the most rigorous rendering in Maya (a video card issue).

Ulitmately the Classic issue is not speed but the support of the Rage API that CM is written to, Apple has not seen fit to provide all the calls used by the late versions (OS9) that CM uses. Therefore it tries to render it in software mode, 640 x 480, which is not enough to run CMBB which needs 800 x 600. Truly a sad state of affairs, thanks Apple. :mad:

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