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  1. There are a number of ways to run an old version of the Mac operating system on either old hardware or modern hardware in emulation Sheepshaver http://sheepshaver.cebix.net quemo https://www.emaculation.com/forum/ Pear PC https://www.emaculation.com/forum/ These allow running various versions of Mac OS 9 in emulation. I haven’t tested it but intend to shortly on my more modern Intel Mac Mini. It is also possible to get old hardware to run again. I have had an old PPC Mac Mini of the final generation (1.5 ghz G4 PPC, 1gb of Ram, 64mb vram and upgraded to a SSD for storage) which can be made to boot into OS9.2.2 directly or a MDD 1.42DP (Or similar). There are great resources here: http://macos9lives.com/smforum/index.php?PHPSESSID=dpo01b11u5s5sv8idtiuudo4h0& You can also acquire the disk images of CMBO etc on different sites if you can’t find the software disks for sale. I have all my old disks from twenty years ago (amazing how time flies) so I was all set. I wish the disks were still available for sale with all the updates in one place. Oddly it was only yesterday that I got my old PPC Mac Mini back up and running and directly booting into OS9.2.2 (which it was never able to do when new). It was really fun to get reacquainted with an old friend (CMBO)
  2. Runs fine on my last generation Mac Mini 2.53 with 4gb of ram and shared graphics. Runs well. I have also installed it on my last generation Macbook Pro 15 with 8gb ram and 512mb 330GT video card. I was worried my Mini wouldn't allow me to play this on my home machine. No worries. I haven't played through any scenarios yet just part way (the command and control system is very different from what I was used to). Works great, looks great and thanks for a great job in developing a, marginal part of the market, Mac solution. Now on to the iPad version! (the platoon/squad level game)
  3. I have installed it on two of my Macs, a Mac Mini 2.53 Core Duo with 4gb of ram, shared graphics card and a last generation Macbook Pro 2.66 i7 8gb ram and 512mb 330GT graphics card. Everything is smooth, clean and works well on both machines with no issues so far. I haven't played anything through yet but what I have done has so far been enjoyable. I am old and slow, real time is brutal when you don't know what you are doing (the command process is very different from what I was used to). Thanks for another winner, and yes I did buy the game on the day it became available for a Mac. Thanks for going the distance for a seemingly small part of the market!
  4. I think the computer version may have come out first but the game system by Victory had been used for a while. Shows how old some of us are...and what nerdy geeks we were then. Sitll?
  5. "Computer Ambush" which was a top down platoon level game as on an Apple IIe, my first computer back in the 80s. http://www.mobygames.com/game/computer-ambush http://tacticalwargamer.com/computergames/computerambush/computerambush.htm This was a WEGO turn based game as well and enjoyable if a bit tedious. Here is a video: I bet the BBS's of the time had the same arguments we do today about all the groggy issues.
  6. A reb B iMac, 233mhz processor, 6mb of vram, 64mb of RAM and a 6 gb of hard disc space. I later upgraded to a MDD G4 Powermac with dual 877mhz processors, a 64mb graphics card and 1 gb of RAM. Once I upgraded I could play nearly any of the scenarios. With the iMac not so much...
  7. Regarding the Shermans: The producers were only able to locate four of the many Sherman tanks seen on the screen. The rest were plastic molds set on top of 88" Land Rovers. VW Beetle chassis were used for German Kubelwagens. The tank treads didn't reach the ground, but the film is edited so that this isn't noticeable (except in the section after Elliott Gould cries "Roll the ****ers / Roll 'em, fellas" there are shots of the tanks rolling over the bridge. One tank is seen silhouetted against the background and its tracks are clearly not moving as fast as they should be if the tank were real). Being as they were placed on LR 88s makes it completely acceptable...
  8. Another of the old quiet types here, I lurked at the very beginning and became a forum member late in '99. I just pre ordered the new CM. I have been lurking over the years but really lost interest when they no longer supported Macs with the new releases, so no CM for many years now. I really hope there is enough buy in by Mac users to keep them releasing more modules for Mac OS. It is nice to see so many of the old hands cropping up in these threads. I miss reading through the various thread's opinions and counterpoints from all of you founts of knowledge. I get to learn a lot thanks to all of you. Looking forward to learning this all over again and perhaps fighting through a some engagements with a few of you. Welcome back to all and its nice to be here. Again.
  9. As long as I don't lose my login again I am good with it... Funny how that is still a memorable moment so many years later. I am in, have my download link in my 1Password ready to go!
  10. I was able to do that once. My opponent was not quite so amused. I actually drove around a Panther twice while its turret tried to track the M5. I eventually was able to plug a few shots into its engine compartment, brewing it up. It was my last tank and his last tank so it was done out of desperation on my part not an intentional strategy. Sadly he never played me again after that.
  11. Tried that but my newer video card didn't register (despite being more than up to the job) so it loaded in 680*480 on a 24" monitor. Not a pretty site, sadly. Did play through a few turns just for fun.
  12. Growing up I inherited my Dad's penchant for toy soldiers and wargaming (1/32nd scale WBritians were my primary choice and later Airfix HO/OO) consumed my pennies through my teens. Computers and early consoles slowly supplanted my Blitzkrieg and Tactics II board games. Full on 3D shooters became playable but were not simulations, just twitch reactions. In the early days of BTS I found a reference to their site and early imagery of the game (which is scary stuff if you have ever seen it) and a forum of grognards who had been discussing the background of the game for months. Peng hadn't even been born. I started reading the backlog of posts and became well and truly hooked. The first demo came out and I played it over and over, trying out different strategies for months. The night of the refresh monkeys came with the second demo (still have both those engines on a drive around the house) which lasted me through to the release. I still have my Panther print up on the wall which was a preorder bonus. I enjoyed CMBO, CMBB and CMAK. It was with real sadness that I put my CDs on the shelf as I changed over to Mac OS X and could no longer run CM and for the many years I could read the forums but no longer participate. (I know if I was really committed I could have bought a PC, but having suffered them at work and watched the suffering of other family members, it wasn't going to happen that way). After playing CM for so long I couldn't really get into the various sims and twitch consoles my kids had begun to play, so my game playing days were over. So here we are, CM will soon be back on a Mac and I will be back with CM. Thanks Steve, Charles, Moon, Kwazy, MadMatt (wherever you are) and those brains floating in a jar likely driving a Weasel through the wilds of Maine, I can once again enjoy a pleasure I thought long gone. Here's to fighting through the hedge groves of Normandy and across France once again. Thanks guys, its been a long time coming. All the best; Karl Mead
  13. This is indeed good news. I had been considering going the Bootcamp route (pay 200 bucks to play a 60 dollar game, hmmm) but now am forever thankful I won't have to suffer that route. Looking forward to the announcement. It has been too many years since I had to abandon OS9 and as a result CMBO/BB/AK. I have watched longingly as the new developments have rolled out. Nice to see so many things have not changed over time. 15,000 posts Michael, you have spent a bit of time here All the best and looking forward to playing a few rounds when the time comes. Karl Mead
  14. I have had this happen multiple times of late, a little message in the middle of the screen. I usually have to disconnect and then reconnect to play the game. Kind of frustrating.
  15. Yes of course, you get the joy of playing a pretty well sorted game for free
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