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  1. I just found my cmbo, cmbb and cmak disks. Anyone still play those? I loved the games. Fire off an email to Scott@fwiz.com
  2. I haven't been back to the boards for about 2 years... these AARs are a blast. Great job. I think I'm going to dig up my CMBB and CMAK disks. I miss the game
  3. My first choice for non Windows users would be Crossovers, as you don't need Windows. There was a post over at ArsTechnica from MacWorld that the next Parallels beta in a couple months will be supporting 3d hardware acceleration, so you wouldn't need to reboot to play if you had enough RAM to feed both OSs. Parallels Interview I currently expect to be working 90% of the time in Windows, but if I could get Outlook, Word and FileMaker Pro 8.5 working in Crossover, I might switch to mainly running in OSX. I'm really excited with the way the whole Intel switch has gone for Apple. Our company is a FileMaker solution provider and we will be standardizing on MacBooks from now on so we can develop and test for both platforms. For the casual user that needs one or 2 Windows only programs, maybe Crossovers will be able to allow them to use a Mac as well. Scott
  4. There are a lot of posts about them trying to get 3D accelleration into the next version. I need to run Windows a lot so I like that option, but if there is some way CrossOver could work, that would be the cheapest solution to for people that don't want to run/purchase Windows.
  5. Hey Slapdragon, have you tried to run CM from inside Parallels? Just curious.
  6. Because it's using OpenGL instead of DirectX, there may be another option that doesn't need a license of Windows. http://www.codeweavers.com/products/cxmac/ CrossOver Mac. Lets many Windows applications run on a Mac. I'm pretty sure it's WINE that's easy to run and configure. If any Mac beta testers want to try it out, there is a free demo of it. I'll be getting a MacBook or MacBook Pro this spring and not needing to reboot into Windows to play CM would be great. Also, I'm curious if Parallels works. I know there isn't DirectX support, but I wonder about OpenGL.
  7. Lots of people will be put off by the $299 for XP Pro or $199 for XP Home. Yes I know geeks go pick up OEM licenses, but most users will just go to Best Buy/Circuit City to pick up a copy and that's expensive. I understand your point, but someone with a new Mac can't "simply boot up in Windows". It's not as simple as that. That being said, I'm curious of the quality of a ported vs Windows game. If it were "good enough" I'd rather not boot into Windows.
  8. Shift + F10 will get you there... and here's a link to a cool input mapper.. http://www.olofsson.info/ it will give you fn + left click for a right click. or this site gives you ctrl + click for a right click... http://www.geocities.com/pronto4u/applemouse.html I have an intel mini I use a lot and love it along with boot camp. I'm hoping for a MacBook or Pro in the near future.
  9. Now THAT is a very cool idea. If someone makes a scenario or 2 I'd love to help test. scottkarchcm at gmail.com
  10. Peter, I saw the same Mythbusters show. They took a medium sized piece of frozen meat and put it into a microwave for a few minutes. Don't remember, maybe 3-4. When they took it out the center was either frozen or still very cold to the touch, and the exterior was bubbling hot. The radio waves cant penetrate that far or most of them are absorbed by the outer layer. The inside seems to be heated by a combination of the residual radio waves that make it to the center and through radiation of the surrounding hot meat. Test it yourself.
  11. I posted this a while back, but a silver lining to those wanting WWII ( myself included ) is that new features will probably be figured out and added for the WWII game when it's released that wouldn'g be included if it were game 1. Imagine if BF had done CMAK second, figured out the multi-turret thing and we would have had T35s and T28s with multiple turrets in CMBB when it was released 3rd. BF doesn't just slap together new vehicles and leave the engine the same.. they constantly try and make the game engine better between versions as well. I'm interested in SF but really looking forward to what new features they even add for the next WWII version. FWIW, I'm sure I'll be purchasing SF partially to learn about modern combat. I've been pretty stuck in WWII info for the last... uh.... 25 years.
  12. I'm a bit surprised by the game. I'm pretty sure I'll get it. I'm actually a little glad they can work out the kinks in the program and add more features before getting to WWII. That just means the WWII version will be that much better out of the gate. ( I'm guessing ). Just imagine if CMAK had been done second and CMBB had been done 3rd, we may have seen T35s and T28s with multiple turrets. Things like that. I'm still in love with CMBB and CMAK and will probably play it regularly for years to come. I'm not extatic, yet, but am very interested. I'm sure I'll learn a lot of new stuff.
  13. I really like the concept of slowing down troop movements in the woods. Is it possible to have troops get lost in the woods, especially in the dark or in fog and have the AI change their waypoints to another direction? I'm thinking about night friendly fire incidents that are exciting to see ( in the game, not reality ). It would be frustrating but accurate to have men lose their way. Sure you could redirect them, but it would throw off schedules etc. Maybe even a drop in morale when they get "lost". I know it would tick people off, but I'd love to see a platoon of tanks go off the opposite direction around a stand of trees "on accident". Stopping them and hauling them around would represent someone getting on the radio and stopping them. Something like that. Maybe even walking into an ambush they don't know about yet ( unit knowledge). well, there are a couple of ideas. FWIW Scott
  14. Interesting responses. I work for a small software company and I tend to agree far more with Steve on these issues. Heck, I wish I was allowed to respond back to some of my clients like that..... we tend to pad our responses to a $50-100,000 client that is being unreasonable.
  15. I think he was describing the code to model those studded boots I always read about the Germans wearing. Right Dan?
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