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Platoon Wedge

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Originally posted by U-107:

I beleave he's talking about putting his tanks into a decorative formation...take a screenshot for us...

I had to read it twelve times, but I think he means he forms his tanks up at the end of the game so as to look splendid, with the setting sun behind them and the commanders tall in the cupolas, gazing off to the East and the promise of further glory.


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Sorry for the cryptic message. I guess the question is what to do productivly or for fun when you have the battle won and there are turns left to play. One thing is to set up for the next "battle". Perhaps form a defence or attack

formation. This applies to those times the AI gets defeated quickly. I guess I was also looking for battles that play like a campaign where the time in between battles and firefights may be several turns of repositioning. To often I wish a battle would last longer on good maps or for a better campaign system. I sometimes find troops(even) for the winner are not well deployed to meet a counterattack at the end of a battle - if one actually came in. This can happen during last minute charges of the flags.


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In my limited play of operations I never liked the next battle set-up. I think the system would move your troops even after you took a few turns to put them in more tactically correct positions.

The "front line" never made sense. Perhaps I will re-look. The best campaign system I have come across was linked campaigns in the EF/WF games.

They gave the designer lots of control. For example branching to different sub-battles based on the previous results. You could design with

any number of maps and OOBs

- Kevin

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