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  1. Great analogy. A puzzle with 10,000 pieces of the same shape would be challenging. It also would be marketed to only a slice of the puzzle market. CMBO was revolutionary in its "realism" step change, and hooked me. CMBB and CMAK being evolutionary fixed some of things I didn't like about CMBO but also introduced some new things I didn't like. My expectation of CMX2 is that it will be revolutionary relative to CMBO. I look forward to it. In the limit, though, there is a lot about war that is waiting, boring and frustrating even amidst a heated battle. This speaks to some amount of diminishing returns in "fun" relative to "realism." I trust the designers to find the balance, this being a very subjective thing (recall the 10k puzzle). I think adding a "soul," as Steve characterized it previously, would offset the diminishing returns in Fun I experienced between CMBO and CMBB (never bought CMAK).
  2. It all sounds revolutionary and really, really cool. Are there diminishing returns in "FUN" with increasing realism? It's like a sub game. Maximum realism? 20-30 days of patrolling your territory without any contact and returning to port for resupply. Real. Not a game.
  3. I could use a new game. I had only played CM games since the CMBO demo came out, but I now play nothing (and didn't buy CMAK). I think I'm ready for the next big thing.
  4. No posts from anybody that would know anything. I'll skulk away till something good comes out from somebody that knows something about this next big thing.
  5. Ahhh... patch complete then the bones can start. Hopefully. Yes, Juardis tipped me off to my misplaced belief the fair grogdorosh had taken his bow.
  6. No. I didn't do a search. Have pretty much stopped playing CMBB/CMAK till the new engine is released... (Just a stage, I'm playing no games now). Also heard that Grog Dorosh is gone. Man, that really breaks me up... *sniff*
  7. Really good looking. In you study of the actual PBs, did you see any with web-type camo netting? Too, a little concrete ageing (I'm a dirty-mod guy) would be groovy. Nice piece of work.
  8. This is a "campaign" mode I would support. Good idea there, Scip.
  9. Is it because it's the French version of the game? [shame, shame on you Havermeyer]
  10. Yeah! And where's the sound file: "Hail Mary, Full of Grace!" "Hail Mary, Full of Grace!" "Hail Mary, Full of Grace!"
  11. In Ops it's nice to put ambush zooks in abandoned vehicles. Specially if your opponent doesn't toggle vehicles (alt-v as mentioned) or play with bases (though even with bases it's hard to see the troop under the vehicle). Off topic, I know, but it bought me a crack Panther once.
  12. Thanks, Dan. That's pretty cool. CAN'T WAIT. Well, maybe CMAK will help me wait.
  13. Could someone explain bump mapping to a layman (i.e., I've only played CM games since pre-ordering BO)? Thanks.
  14. Yes the HT rotate is excruciating. I haven't done it enough to remember how much it sucks until I'm watching the movie and see the dangnable thing has only turned 10 degrees or some such in 60s.
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