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  1. Do you cuddle with the Teddy when you are feeling sad?...or do you torture it to reveal the enemy OB?
  2. Here's a different use for wire, especially in the desert where there is a lack of cover: Place the wire in areas of brush that are within view of your postitions. Don't use it to cover your lines, just the places that infantry will head to when taking fire. It will go something like this: 1)enemy infantry appears; 2) you open fire on them; 3)they start hightailing it for the nearest cover, which contains barbed wire; 4)as they thrash around on the wire like a bass in the bottom of the boat, you mg and mortar them, cackling evilly as the movie replay goes on. Actually, I was almost s
  3. I stand corrected. I was tired and still hungover and forgot the pi. Mopighhlk! <sound of foot inserted into mouth> I have come to rely on computers too much and have lost touch with the operation of a basic calculator and equations. Back to the basic premise of the thread; no, I personally don't think that they are over effective, they "feel" about right.
  4. Your example is a crater 15 feet in diameter by 5 feet deep. This results in an area of 281.25 cubic feet of dirt. This converts to 10.4 cubic yards. Now since a cubic yard is equivilent to 1.25 tons, the figure of 13 tons is correct. Now this would be for a hole that is straight down 5 feet in a diameter of 15 feet. As you did point out, craters are "cup shaped" and would be less than this amount. If anyone is interested, a sample site would be here http://www.rossjimson.com/information/ As they (and I) are in the business of moving stone and dirt, I would I have to disagree that the a
  5. A single 150mm shell will typically leave a crater around 15 feet across by about 5 feet deep. If one lands within a few meters of a trench it will obviously cave it in. Even 10m away it can easily make the nearest wall collapse into the rest of the trench. Each shell is displacing on the order of 20 tons of earth. Fragments can be intercepted by cover but the whole blast wave cannot. It just turns "cover" into the new "projectile". It dissipates only by spreading out far enough. Jason, you are overstating the amount here a bit. A crater that size would be about half the amount of dirt you
  6. Personally, I try to sight them where I would only expect to encounter infantry alone. The best example is covering a large woods that the opfor might use as a covered route. Since the tanks/vehicles can't accompany the infantry, you should be safer. Another choice is to put them reverse of a terrain feature that will shield them and have them interlocked covering open ground between the features. This deployment requires infantry to be on/in the feature though, in order to protect the blind side of the bunker. And the final option is to have some sort of AT weapon covering the area
  7. Just finished that one vs a friend and got a draw as Germans. I think you have more than "a bit" of artillery there, especially with the OB stuff. Have fun. If you are playing AI, then you could do well.
  8. Broken: As the Russian, did you concede the island flags then, as I did? That seemed the only viable conclusion that I could come to. Fighting across fords seems virtually impossible. As the Germans I used the demos to get the bridges, but as the Russians, I used AF from the 76's to get them. It was interesting when a Kubel and the 37HT tried to cross at that time!
  9. I give it a 6.5-7.0 rating. Interesting, but after the intial melees are over, not much to do but watch the fords and destroyed bridges.
  10. or GoGamer.com 27 something the last I saw... http://www.gogamer.com/cgi-bin/GoGamer.storefront/EN/product/001COM
  11. This scenario worked well for a tourney, as there were many options for both sides to consider. The Russian could choose any style of defense and the German could choose to concentrate or to "spread" the defense. The designer was good to let both sides have choices. As the Russian, I viewed this as "three eggs in a basket". I decided to use the higher level officers to give me more flexibility with my deployment. I placed trenches near the VL's with a 180 arc of wire around them at the near limit of visibility. Between the wire and the trench went a TRP. Each VL trench had a maxim, an
  12. Flamethrowers are fine for suppressing defenders, but doesn't this tactic tend to set the building alight, making storming it a bit difficult? </font>
  13. I think there is a fix for this in the 1.03 patch. Check the description on the main board. I seem to remember reading something to that effect.
  14. Ok, I built a ridge thru the middle of the map, 2 81 radio spotters and tracks, vs lots of truck targets. Both spotters put down targets on the trucks which are out of LOS. One mounts up immediately to drive to the top of the ridge while holding fire. The other waits for his fire to begin before mounting. The waiting one has his pattern fall a little long and right, about 50-75m each way. Not too bad for blind. The one that drives up and dismounts with LOS now has his pretty much right on target. I would be happy in game conditions on target. This particular FO continues this barrage
  15. Caveat: If this is old news, don't flame me, I don't read this board as much as I used to and my memory is shot(just ask the wife)... Double caveat: I am using 1.02 During a scenario I was playing, I inadvertantly ordered a spotter that was in the process of calling a FM to embark on a HT. A couple of turns later, I was looking for the FO(cuz I was wondering "What the hell happened to the FM!") and found hime lounging in the HT. There he was with the FM timer stuck on 2 min. Now I personally had never noticed this before so I have tried it out with a couple of 81 radio spotters and
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