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NEW factory.......(a tip.)

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I have brand new looking factory's now. In a great looking weathery grey concrete look.

But i didnt mod anything...


I was trying the JUJU factory mod.

and i saw its interior bmp.

'hmm'; i thought, 'looks kinda nice'

so i changed its bmp number (1226) to 6180 for one the exterior walls. And wow, i really like it !!

So i placed it as all factory walls.

Looks good.

Only slightly minus point is that juju's bmp is 759 kb(i believe) so it might get a 'bit' more jerky in play.

The original bmp 1226 is 196 kb (i believe) and looks allmost the same, with just a slight less attention to detail.

(gonna try that one if it turns out to be a big a burdon on my comp...didnt in the scenario editor just, but...)

I dont know how to post pics, else i would have.

Just take a look if u like some change in scenery, just like me.

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Heh, sounds interesting, but doesn't it look a bit weird, a factory without doors? smile.gif

Could you send me that screenshot?

If you like it that much you could reduce the bitmap's size (from 512x512 to 256x256) without problems. Except that it'll look blurrier.

I'm kind of a sucker for ultra-res, me.

And whaddaya mean, it looks 'almost the same' as the original? There's looove in that there interior, man! :D

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whoops... :rolleyes: pardon me...

No your efforts are pretty amazing juju.

And i am aware of your other mods out there, i have your wooded bridge and the mudslutproject in from the week they were posted.

Its just; im not that a man for those brown house's and also factory's. I dont know, they just all seem too brown for me, to intens for brick-colours of brown.

Thats why i tried...

Now ive looked at it a second time and all excetement of finding that out, and seeing it the first time, is away....it kind of doesnt look so brilliant ( :eek: ) nomore.

Ill keep it in a bit, but it wont last, probably. :(

ahwell, its been a day ;)

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Originally posted by M1A1TankCommander:

Hey JuJu

Could you please make a mod for the factory to make it look like a aircraft hanger? Thanks

Oh... yes JuJu that would be nice :D

Made a scenario (Swartzek├Ątze) with a factory as hangar. A real hanger looks a lot better I think.

icon_bbs.gif Eichenbaum

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Hmmm this echoes a thought I have been playing around with for some time: Creating a mod that turns the factory into a rather more nondescript building... that way it could be used (as it often is anyway) to represent a number of other large structures (especially in urban scenarios).

I'm stumped at the moment because a/ I can't mod worth a damn and b/ I'm not quite certain exactly how such a building should look... greyish brown maybe...

Anyway, if a modder of Juju's or Ed Kinney's calibre would turn their hand to it I'm sure something highly useful would come out of it.


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Whoa! Hold yer horses gents! smile.gif

modding buildings is, like, actual (shudder) work! These things take weeks of pretty intense labour. Seems like Ed and me sometimes have to threaten one another to keep/get going. :D

Anyway, since it's such a lot of work I wouldn't hold my breath for an aircraft hangar or a nondescript factory by me.

But fear not! Don't tell anyone, but I'm in the process of tackling the 3 tall heavy buildings and turning them into some that would feel at home in Berlin. One at the time, and like a snail: sloooooowly. I may have a preview screenie in a couple of days.

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