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SC Tournament. Round One


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So how are everyones' games going besides myself and Comrade Trapp's game?
Me and Rickhan are playing now we finally got together. He took poland in 2 then used a turn to setup for denmark invasion.

I sold AW in france shored up defences sub hunted and got med fllet together.

We are now slugging it out in france the country looks like tri-colored icecream only it's brown,blue and grey smile.gif It is july 1940

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U can chalk that up to a win for me. August 18 1940 i still held france had palermo, bari, bulgaria and took torino and that was the straw that broke the axis back. They went insane attacked with every unit they could muster. It was quite a bloodbath and i think they gave better than they got but then they declared war on the entire world and asked for italys surrender. lol it was lots of fun smile.gif

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Originally posted by Carl Von Mannerheim:

By the way, Brad, Otto is intersested in hosting the results of this tournament, including the hosting of a bracket.


Good to hear CvM. I'll put up something nice over at the HQ. If everyone in the toutney could keep their games saved, that would help with some stats later on.


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I am willing to play tomarrow in order to finish this up, post a reply as soon as you read this. If you can play tomarrow post the time you want to meet on AIM. If we do play tomarrow we should start around 11 or 12 so we will prob be done around 3.

Comrade Trapp

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