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SC Tournament. Round One


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On September 20th, 1942, the German Generals assasinated Adolf Hitler and signed a peace in the west. I will be adding Screenshots of the last day of the war in a few minutes

Eastern Med: Sept 20 1942


Polish Frontier and Balkans


And the West


(Some detail ommitted for classified reasons)

And heres the peaceful countryside


Go here to see them full sized.


PS, Comrade, remember our deal, dont tell them what i have in the white

Ok, also, the url for the pics changes every few minutes, so if the images dont show up, click the link at the bottom

[ December 24, 2002, 04:25 PM: Message edited by: Carl Von Mannerheim ]

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Well, the game between myself and CVM ended in my (Axis) surrender in Sept 1942. I considered the war already lost...I was holding the line in Russia (the frontline was in East Prussia down to Warsaw and into the Balkins around Ploesti Oil Fields). The Western Powers launched D-Day invasions all over France and I did not have enough troops to hold them back. In North Africa Italy was assulting Egypt but that was turning into a stalemate. Not to mention England was killing me with jet airpower. All in all I say it was a good game..I know what I did wrong and know how fix it in the next game.

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Just my opinion (hell everything I say is just my opinion), but I had thought this was basically an IQ match with games playing out over as much as three days (if the games were staying close). There's no way, someone is going to get finished with a PBEM type game in a limited amount of time. Moreover, I think PBEM is somewhat obsolete, with the advent ICQ. It's too hard to stay focused, too much hassled to download/upload.

My vote: Sandy needs to get on the IP (if he can) and play you out. If he can't, then I don't think this was the approrpiate contest for him to enter (no offense), since it's time constrained, and he should willingly default, as far as the contest is concerned. Privately, of course, the game between you and him can continue, should both of you choose.

(This, I think goes under the "someone didn't write out the four page entry form, in triplicate copies, complete with disclaimers that the host of the contest assumes no liabilities that result from SC imposing upon a player issues with marriages, friendships, sleeping habits, exercise patterns." Because I think we all understood. The contest was meant to start last week, reach middle stage next week, or so, and final sometimes in mid January). p.s.: My wifes' atty wants your physical address for serving papers - kidding. Really!

So, my vote is that Sandy defaults. The rest of the contestants should may vote as well.

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I agree with BriantheWise on this issue... this entire tournament is based on IP gameplay, thats how it was planed from the very beginning. But I think this is Brad's call on how he wants to deal with this issue, hes the one running the tournament, I'm just expressing my opinion.

Comrade Trapp

[ December 25, 2002, 08:22 PM: Message edited by: Comrade Trapp ]

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Originally posted by jon_j_rambo:

I'm on vacation. Just got access to a computer, downloading 1.06. I defaulted my spot against BrianTheWise because of vacation. But now I can play right now, Thursday, parts of Friday, Sat. & Sun.


Are you trying to get into the tournament or just offering a match to any future opponents?

Anyway, welcome back


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CvM, Rambo is trying to go two out of three, in a tournament of one out of one. Time permitting, it'll work.

We're playing now, a second match, and He is winning, but Jeez, I'm making mistakes all over the place.

It's Christmas. I drank wine, schnapps, and many other fine drinks.

He is a worthy adversary, but...evil smile....rules are rules....

I also saw the Two Towers, rambling (can't go into in, not on this forum, but to say, worthy to watch)...

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CvM --- Originally, BrianTheWise & myself started playing on Saturday for our originally Tourney-Match-Up. We had just got started, when I realized I was flying out on Sunday & did not have a computer at my vacation spot. Since I wasn't going to have a computer, I was going to "default" my game to Brian.....But I now do have a computer, downloaded the 1.06, etc.

As fate would have it, BrianTheWise came online at the same time I posting today the 25th, the above message, that I had a computer. He was gamey enough to play me (no default) so we started playing. It's Dec. '40, & the Brits are have a bad time of it.

I've got Axis, we saved Dec. '40:

1) Poland

2) Denmark

3) LowCountries

4) France

5) Norway

6) Greece

7) Suez is mine, still need Cairo

8) Italians have small damaged fleet

9) Germans have many subs

10) Brits lost 2-carriers, & ~6 other ships, & 1-air

11) Romania is Axis

12) Hungary is Axis

I could do a late SeaLion with England beat to hell, but no real reason. Why risk Russian intervention. England is subdued. I will stock up the cash, continue to beat on the weak. Seal off the Med., get my Italian buddies some orders.

Anyhow.....I will play for fun now. Brian & I are going to play Friday @ 8:00 pm (Pacific)

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Brian --- 2 out of 3? Are you kidding me? Game #1 is saved on my computer in Boise. I was kicking ass in that too (only March '40). You had lost nearly all the British Carriers as usually, I was in French territory, had a complete German Navy, complete Italian Navy.

Dude, it doesnt' matter how many games we play, I own you. Hell, I'll beat your ass 5-game in a row.

Rambo, The #1 Seed in the tourney is back! I have a computer! Bring it on. Name the time.

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CvM, Rambo is trying to go two out of three, in a tournament of one out of one. Time permitting, it'll work.

We're playing now, a second match, and He is winning, but Jeez, I'm making mistakes all over the place.

It's Christmas. I drank wine, schnapps, and many other fine drinks.

He is a worthy adversary, but...evil smile....rules are rules....

Yes, but you clearly stated you're being gamey. I was the nice guy who wouldn't delay the tourney. Far as "rules are rules", BUSINESS LAW is clear here. You re-opened the deal by wanted to play. Once France fell & 6+ British ships went to the bottom, you started this 2 out of 3 crap.

THERE NEVER WAS A WINNER IN GAME #1. I was winning when I defaulted because I didn't have a computer for Christmas week. I didn't want to hold up the Tournament. You let me in! See Business Law, by letting me back in. Therefore there is no 2 out of 3. You are trying to get a free Tournament game against Rambo with no risk. Well, if I lost, I was still in by default (untrue). Well, if I won, I'm better. Sorry, you never said that until after the Fall of France & 6+ Brit ships.

Anyhow...........Being the best player in the World, the #1 Seed, & all around loud-mouth.

I'll beat you as many times as you see fit!

I have Game #1 saved in Boise. I went back & read the Forum where you tried to make it look like a military victory! HaHa. Nice try. I've got this Game #2 saved & Game #1 saved.

Kicking ass & taking names.

Rambo >>>>> Making things right, as usual

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Originally posted by Carl Von Mannerheim:

Just a suggestion, everyone in this tournament should download AOL Instant messanger, as it eases communication greatly. Also, if you use AOL then just tell your opponent your log in name, so then whenever you are online you 2 can chat.


I agree Wholeheartedly to the idea of everyone useing IM but i disagree about useing AOL for anything. Besides that fact that thier software contains spyware and Ad delivery systems. they are a target for various virus's. Here is a qoute from ZDNET and a link to the article.

successful worms have already infected instant-messenging clients, including Aplore, which spreads via AOL Instant Messenger (AIM); Goner, which takes advantage of ICQ; and CoolNow, Message from Jerry (also known as Hello), and Choke, which are all spread via MSN Messenger. So far, no viruses have successfully infected Yahoo Messenger.
ZDNET IM messenger Security

IM is the wave of the now and the future i barely even post in the forums for a game as soon as i sign on i am in contact with people on Yahoo messenger and get in a game faster than i could have even got into the BBS. Also when the game hangs and one person gets a retieval error and the other is wondering "HEY what is taking So and So, so long to do his/her turn IM tells them instantly to reconnect. The greatest time saver i've ever seen for Internet Game play.

There are other Universal IM systems that connect to all the major services and don't have the backdoors and vulnerabilities built into them but i have not reasearched them enough to recommend one. I have JAJC(Just another Jabber Client) But have not got it configured properly yet. Too lazy i'd rather play smile.gif

IF anyone uses a Universal Messeging system with success please make a recommendation.

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zappsweden --- Testing software doesn't count! I don't have time to read the fine print about the Delcarations of War. When do you want to play for real? I'm talking about playing in my "Player's Club".

I'm not talking about PBEM either. I'm tired of people wasting my time too. I can't remember how many games I start TCP/IP & people quit. What they do is "going pyscho" with France & England early, get happy, then get sad & quit once their failed strategy goes to pot.

Anyhow........If you want to make this happen.

"By Appointment Only", bring your European Union ass on.

Captain of Team-USA


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