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  1. That's Squadron Leader Bigglesworth to you, or Sir for short! And stand to attention when you're addressing an officer! :mad:
  2. Er... No. The PZL P.24 was a gull-wing monoplane: The aircraft in the SCII screenshot is a low wing monoplane, like one of these: A private venture by PZL, the P.24 was basically an improved P.11 . The Polish Air Force never took it into service, but it was exported to Turkey, Rumania, Bulgaria and Greece. The most numerous aircraft in Polish service in 1939 was the PZL P.23, which is probably the plane you're thinking of. This looks nothing like the picture in the screenshot however, which is of a single seat aircraft. [ June 11, 2005, 02:05 PM: Message edited by: Archibald ]
  3. When I first saw the screenshots of SCII those figures looked naggingly familiar. Anyone who grew up during the seventies in the UK will probably remember them when prompted. There's the commander figure from the HQ unit on the far right: He comes from the Airfix Afrika Korps set, which was available in both 1:72 and 1:32 versions and were REALLY COOL! Here he is doing his funky thang on the 1/32 box cover. I'm on nostalgia overload at this end. The three figures used for corps and army units come from the German Infantry set, likewise available in 1:72 and 1:32. They are the second and third figures here: And the first figure here: Here's the 1/32 box cover: I presume that the model figures were used as the basis for the graphics in much the same way as model armour was used for the graphics in CM:BB. I think they look pretty damn good.
  4. 1 - Tim Page 2 - Michael Herr 3 - Last I heard he was still alive and living in Australia. I think you might have confused Tim Page with Sean Flynn, who is probably the most flamboyant character in Herr's Dispatches. Flynn is reported to have been executed in Kampong Chan Province, Cambodia, in 1971. Here's my favourite Tim Page quote from Dispatches. He'd been asked to author a book to "take the glamour out of war": Now for my questions!: 1 - What toy company produced the figures used to represent corps, armies and HQs in the SCII screenshots? 2 - What set of figures does the HQ unit's officer with his arm raised come from? 3 - What set of figures do those used to represent corps and HQs come from?
  5. You want even better choice than the Hurricane? What about the Gloster Gladiator? Foreign users included: Belgium Eire Finland Greece Iraq Latvia Lithuania Norway Portugal Sweden A few even ended up as target tugs in the Luftwaffe, having been captured from the Soviets in 1941, who in turn had taken them from the Latvians in 1940.
  6. On second thoughts, the Hawker Hurricane might be a better candidate as the mount of choice for minor countries. Foreign users included: Yugoslavia Iran Rumania Turkey Poland (although only one ever got there) Belgium Finland [ June 07, 2005, 03:49 AM: Message edited by: Archibald ]
  7. Call me Mr Picky, buuuuuuuuuuut........ The screen shots look great, but there are a few inaccuracies which are eating away at my soul: 1. in the first screenshot the Polish Air Force is represented by a Polikarpov I-16, which would definitely not have been the aircraft of choice for the fiercely anti-bolshevik Poles. I realise you have to use a generic aircraft to represent minor countries, but outside of the Spanish Republicans I can't think of any country in Europe that got I-16s from the USSR. A better choice of aircraft for Level 0 minor air forces might be the Morane Saulnier MS 406. Foreign users included: Lithuania (never delivered) Turkey Poland (en route to Poland when war broke out) Finland Croatia 2. In the second screenshot French units are represented by an RAF roundel. For most Frenchmen that alone would be grounds for instantly dissolving the Entente Cordiale. 3. This is where I get really sad. In the last two screenshots the crown used to depict the British and Imperial forces is the St Edward's Crown, which has only been in use by the UK's armed forces since Queen Elizabeth was crowned in 1953. From 1910 to 1953 the King's Imperial Crown was used . There. Said it now. Feeel much better. Think I'll go and lie down now... [ June 06, 2005, 11:25 PM: Message edited by: Archibald ]
  8. All matches were to be played by 31st May, by which time Europe was leading 4 - 3. VICTORY IS OURS!!!
  9. Right will triumph. Europe will prevail! [ May 29, 2004, 08:30 PM: Message edited by: Archibald ]
  10. VICTORY! Field Marshal Keitel, on behalf of the Fuhrer, has accepted the unconditional surrender of the allied powers. Germany and her allies look forward to the the rebuilding of Europe and the beginning of a new era of peace and prosperity. SIEG HEIL! My thanks to JerseyJohn for an exciting game. Things were getting very tense in the USSR for a while. I look forward to Ryder Cup 20005 and SC2. [ May 07, 2004, 07:48 PM: Message edited by: Archibald ]
  11. 04 Oct 42 GREAT VICTORIES WON! Ostfront The savage fighting in the east continues, as yet another bolshevik attack is beaten back. Masters of mobile warfare, our Wehrmacht have launched a lightning counter attack between Leningrad and Moscow. Two Soviet armies and a corps were destroyed, and for the first time in this war a Front HQ was captured in the course of a daring 150 km penetration by the three panzergruppen. General Ivan Petrov was caught in his shirt tails by the surprise dawn arrival of our panzers. He is now enjoying the hospitality of Field Marshal von Rundstedt's table before beginning his stay as a guest of the Reich. Fierce defensive fighting has seen the line successfully straightened in the south. A panzergruppe is still cut off in Rostov, but has inflicted tremendous damage on its besiegers at little cost to itself. Meanwhile, the Donets Basin has been the scene of the destruction of another American army. The Anglo-American contribution to Stalin's survival is being whittled away. She: Have we lost many dollars, Delano? He: Don't worry, Eleanor, we are paying only in human lives. (Our thanks to HEIL! magazine) So desperate is Auchinleck that he has been forced to place English ground forces in the front line against the Wehrmacht. After three years of fighting through it's puppets, England will at last begin to pay the butcher's bill. Triumph of Axis Soldarity in the Mediterranean The two pronged Anglo-American naval attack in the Mediterranean has been decisively defeated in a breathtaking display of Axis co-operation. Ju-88s and Stukas flying from Sicily have worked in conjuction with the Regia Marina to win a gigantic naval victory. In the Western Mediterranean, another US battleship squadron has been sent to the bottom. Off Southern Italy, utter disaster has unfolded for the Royal Navy. Italian submarines, battleships, and carrier aircraft have combined with our torpedo and dive bombers to sink two battleship squadrons and a precious carrier group. It is the greatest defeat in England's naval history. Sieg Heil! Advertisement Viennese Fashion: the bridge of elegance from nation to nation. Women throughout time have always loved things that are elegant, beautiful and delight the eye. Viennese fashion has always fulfilled these womanly longings and has built a bridge of elegance and beauty for the women of all countries with its world famous creations. Although the struggle for the future of Europe claims all our resources, Viennese fashion is still exported to friendly countries, and in Vienna we are already working toward peace. It is a testament to Germany's strength. A symbol of its willingness to serve beauty even when battles are raging. Proof that when victory has been achieved, an abundance of fashionable things will go from Vienna into the world. Advertisement [ May 07, 2004, 10:53 PM: Message edited by: Archibald ]
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