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  1. I would imagine an allied victory would take place after the capture of Berlin
  2. in fairness, when I made the WW1 mod for Germany, Austria was hardcoded to be part of germany but you're correct, I just named german armies '1st austrian army' etc.
  3. i disagree, greatly. US manpower is what tipped the balance of power in the war. So when late 1917 rolls around, and the Allies are holding on for dear life, those American Corps will make a WORLD of difference
  4. i might have to give that place a shot once i get this game. lol is it too late to beta test Hubert?
  5. Rest Assured When I get this game, I will create a WW1 mod, just as i did for SC 1
  6. lol well, Perhaps I can get this game ordered in the next few days, and can then start making my old custom scenarios for it, earn some respect back for us old-timers (hell, old timer...im only 18..)
  7. lol its a surprise to hear that my old WW1 and Cuban Missle crisis scenarios are remembered
  8. lol theres finally a CvM HQ eh? I simply forgot about this forum, as i recall i was slated to be a beta tester. I even won a couple of posters from this website for an AAR of mine
  9. Wonder if anyone remembers old CvM I was browsing for a Revolutionary War game, which led me to battlefront.com. Figured I would drop in and ask my old friends here if SC 2 is just as addicting and all around wonderful as the first SC? Kuniworth, Rambo, JJ, if you are all still here, I look for your opinions in particular, same for Comrade Trapp if he still wanders around these parts Regards, CvM
  10. Just so long as you know that if Finland does not have a Mannerheim HQ, i will riot
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