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  1. No, I didnt know that, I mean, I am not mean to CvM, so I am obviously not homofobic. I think your a dork because of the millions of useless posts.
  2. I am opposed to moron's, doesnt mean I am going to quit because Rambo's here. Anyway, seriously, it is summer, get outside!
  3. Actually Rambo, I am also a US citizen, and I'll gladly take you. And its the easterners that want the gay marage, NOT ALBERTA!, were even refusing to recognize it.
  4. Oh well, i'll play with the Europeans and I'll take out CvM.
  5. And I think Sweden should be played by Belerus (there far more talented, not just at hockey)
  6. Sure did, thanks, now, anyone got map mods?
  7. Does someone have US OOB's for about 73, specifically what units were there, this would be great, for any nation too.
  8. They have Germans, looking like the Soviets right? If so e-mail it please. sports_stuff_alberta@hotmail.com
  9. There are P-3's AKA Arora-130 (I think) in European service, and I doubt Naval carrriers being able to take the skies over coastal Europe. I am working on one for the Yom Kippur War, I need your unit mod though Narayan. Could you get it for me?
  10. Don't forget ASW choppers and planes, those are probably a way bigger threat then any 201 type German sub, and I imagine if Russia is in a depression, Europe would have no problem buying Akula's and Typhoons, which would be one match with a LA, Virginia, or Seawolf class sub.
  11. Wow, tenth, I mean wow, (I gotta think 10ths good, cause thats what the Flames are average finishing) Plan the parade route!
  12. Alright, i'll try it out. [ July 22, 2003, 07:24 PM: Message edited by: Brad T. ]
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