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England, Soviet Union, who was more powerful,potent,forceful,and tenacious

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" . . .anyone else got input on this.(?)"

Yeah, I think a few of us posted it already but here's a little more.

You mentioned something about Canada and Briton sending a thousand bombers a night over Germany -- what was the U. S. sending there by day?

It isn't a matter of tallying up stats. Germany fought on three fronts during a period of five and a half years. To say any one member of the three contributed any more than the other two is a nonsensical argument. Remove any one of the three and Germany wouldn't have lost. Remove any two of them and Germany would have won.

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Brad T. --- You must live in France. We save your ass multiple times & it's no big deal, eh? Call only Canada & Russia then next time pal like your post glorifies.

The war wasn't over just because Germany surrendered, the real war started in 1945.

Better count more criteria than 1940-41.

Who did this: country rebuilding (factories, industry, roads), allowed for new government/elections, food, medicine, paying all United Nations bills, stablization of regions, hosipitals, missionaries, doctors, nurses, volunteers, Red Cross, technology, etc. Now who is more important?

What did Russia do? Built walls in Berlin, put in murderous puppet leadership in Romania, rolled tanks against people & made life miserable for everybody.

"What we should do is wipe them all clean off the map, blow up every bridge & building. Then send over a couple of cattle & let them start over like we did" --- Charles Bronson in Battle of the Buldge.

".....As He died to make men holy, let us live to make men free, While God is marching on......Glory, glory, hallelujah!"

United States & Israel forever.


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I was thru until Brad T. opened his uninformed keyboard.

USA: Always tricky, I believe the war could have been won without them in the West, by Christmas 45, if there was no Japanese threat to the Commonwealth a million British, Australian, New Zealand, Indian, troops could have been in the west, and nations like Canada never had conscription, so if it was needed theres another 350000 soildiers, anyone else got input on this.

Here's my input pal. You do the greatest dishonor to all of the American Veterans who served and died in Europe and the Pacific (12,000,000 served, 294,000 died, 1,200,000 casualties). The sacrifices the American public endured by sending their Fathers, Brothers and Sons, and the tremendous effort by working 60 hour weeks, for years, to supply not only American Soldiers, Sailors, Air Force, and Marines, but Canadians, British, French, Chinese, Indian, and yes rat bastard naplam sucking weasel Kommies, with every conceivable item of war (must I list the number of Ships, Planes, tanks, trucks, food, medicine, rifles, pistols, machineguns, artillary, etc,etc,etc. sent to every Theater of War).

You sound like another Drunk Frozen Jealous Canadian Meathead, envious of the Greatest Country Ever. Which other country besides the USA that is so greatly in debt (you Canadians also are one of the worst indebt countries ever, because of the failed socialist programs) sends more money and food to deprived countries, and subsequently are resented for it. Which other country will sent their young sons to free a country from Dictatorships (Iraq), and probibly leave the country better off than when we came, e.g. france, England, Germany, Japan, Italy, in 1946. And beside taking on the Imperial Japanese Empire as a second front and kicking their ass, we turned German cities into compost, but at a great cost of American fliers lives, 82,000 dead, 75,000 POWs, 10,000 MIAs and 50,000 planes lost. One of these boys was my mother-in-laws older brother, Bud a navigator on a B-17f, killed on his first mission over Holland in Aug 1943. Two of my uncles fought in the Pacific, one a machanic on P-38s the other MIA for a while on Luzon while fighting the Jap in 1944, and my father was a paratrooper in the 82nd Airborne, made two combat jumps, Nijmegen, and Varsity, and fought in the Battle of the bulge which made him hate snow for the rest of his life. And my Mother and Grandmother worked for the Defence Department in the Army from 1944 thru the rest of their professional lives.

No, we Americans weren't involved or needed during one of the greatest trying times in human history.

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#1 sign the apocolypse is in the offing---

disorder trying to calm the discussion down a notch! :rolleyes:

really guys, everybody is entitled to their opinion, eh? somewhere between band of brothers and rat bastard naplam sucking weasel Kommies this discussion took a turn for the worse!

now lets finish our back bacon, take off our tooks, and shake hands like the good north-south neighbors we are, hummm? :D

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My father stopped saying Uncle Sam in the early fifties and for ever after replaced it with "Uncle Sap" for obvious reasons. The application is truer now than it's ever been before. We'd be more respected as a country if instead of rebuilding we emulated the rest of the morons and just plundered everything we passed through; then they'd talk about how good natured we were for not having slaughtered them.


I don't mind saying Canada did more than it's share, as did Russia and the UK, but it seems you can't say something like that without having those same people turn on you and say you did nothing.

"By 1945 Japan was no longer a threat" duuuhhhhh - wonder how they got that way? Guess it was those horrific Canadian assaults at Guadalcanal, Iwo Jima, Saipan, Okinawa, Leyte Gulf, New Guinea and that great Canadian Naval action at Midway. And let us not forget those swarms of Canadian B-29s turning Japanese industry into sawdust. Thanks Canada for saving our ass! :D

By early 1944 Britain was combining existing units because they were at the bottom of their manpower pool. But that wouldn't have been a problem, presumably the British/Canadian Overlord would have cracked the Atlantic Wall and pressed over 100 fully mechanized and supplied Common Wealth Divisions through France and across the Rhine and through Germany. Yeah, right -- and I thought it was my generation that was famous for it's acid trips.

Why make such a ridiculous claim? :rolleyes:

As for the United States, Good Old Uncle Sap,

Presumably if we had men marching through minefields and racking up absurd casualty totals for no sensible reason we'd have qualified as the prime contributor. While we were at it we should also have grabbed every piece of transportable wealth and taken it home with us, as the Soviets did, along with millions of deportees to work our lands, also as the Soviets did, then we'd really be champs.


You're a good man and "blessed be the peace maker."

Personally I draw the line at remarks like the United States did nothing to win the war.

[ May 09, 2003, 01:00 PM: Message edited by: JerseyJohn ]

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No one wants to deny the Herculean contribution of Russia in defeating the Germans.

But to say the United States was hardly a factor is ridiculous. To go further and belittle the U. S. role in the European War, as is being done elsewhere in this thread by others, is utterly asinine.

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