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  1. france falls (the marseilles plays in background) silence covers the globe. its.....too quiet. trying to clear up a couple of small blemishes on the allied war map...(norway for one) in the next couple of turns. nazis banks are full!
  2. quite a thing of beauty kw.... i feel like the radio announcer during the WAR OF THE WORLDS broadcast. very impressive. but the least i can do is FLAIL AROUND a bit while i am being devoured whole.
  3. this is incredible! perhaps the largest picture ever posted on battlefront.com. :eek: and that younger woman on the left(behind the hat). she has the biggest booger hanging from her nostril i have ever seen!!
  4. dear editor jj, i find a SERIOUS flaw in this new scenario-- there appears to be this evil group called the GERMANS who seem to be messing around with other countries stuff! please see to it that future scenarios REMOVE these people so this war can proceed as it was invisioned. you may replace them with any neutral-type group and things will work out just spiffy!(my preference would be INDONESIANS.) sincerely,. ANONYMOUS [ September 04, 2003, 09:37 PM: Message edited by: disorder ]
  5. SEMI-FINAL ROUND!! These are the draws for the semi-final round. IMPORTANT WARNING---do not start round until you receive the official scenario from JERSEYJOHN! he will send them out at the same time, and then you can BLAST AWAY! the blue hat says. AXIS #1 xwormwood #2 gavrok ALLIES #1 rannug #2 terry according to my records(keep me honest on this guys) this is the first time RANNUG or TERRY has played for the allies(for those of you with box scores). remember wait for the e-mail from JJ!
  6. aug 11 1940 in the baltic, the nelson advances and wreaks havoc upon gniesenau, who settles to the bottom with all guns blazing. revenge for the RODNEY. at paris, two holes are open on the eastern hexe side of fortress paris. currently filled by 6 and 7 str nazi armies. french corp doing recce on rome, returns toward marseilles, with at least 1 new italian corp forced into action to defend territory. all in all, a very good past turn for kurt 88! making things happen, and taking advantage.
  7. edited top post on this page to update changes. thanks terif for being willing to step in if you were needed. congratulations WORMWOOD congratulations TERRY (IM ROOTING FOR YOU) :cool:
  8. de gaulle (de facto leader of france) reports from a large office serving as the french government in paris, through a translator. we as frenchmen owe our very existence to courageous corps like....(paper shuffles) the 1st canadians. first we thought them destroyed. then we found them to be out of supply and near berlin....and now we find they have been annihilated. almost to the last man, while attempting to encircle berlin. such brave men! (pause). and my former command, the french 2nd mech. corp....at any time they could have quit. given in. but when the british navy needed one last call to duty from them....(sniffing)....THEY CAME THROUGH! they turned north to get recce info on nazi shipping, and they succeeded! but at the price of our young boys lives. with this info, the resolution advances toward copenhagen, and sinks the "screening" wolf packs. nelson advances to block access to the oslo ports from german waters, and the scharnhorst is attacked in her home port! (cheers in background) (echo, and mike noises) this is the true meaning of the word ALLIED.(applause and cheers) reports of our friends the norwegians attacking the 14th nazi army north of oslo are coming in. we wish our brothers in arms the best in everything! ....sadly parisians. there may come a time soon. perhaps before fall is upon us...when paris itself may be attacked....(indecipherable shouts in background)..... we will do our best. france deserves nothing less than this...but if we fall on the outskirts of this great city...pick up our weapons and fight on! VIVE LE FRANCE!
  9. this was the set-up from round 1. as of end of round 2 on aug 30, this is the standings gavrok wins as axis rannug wins as axis terry wins as axis xwormwood wins as allies we will start round 3 (semi-finals) abt. tuesday! jerseyjohn has asked to use a slightly altered scenario for this and next round, due to some info that was not available in the other rounds. i agreed, at the risk of upsetting everyone who has already played with the other original scenario. i will send this out to the semi-finalists as soon as opponents/sides are drawn. THANKS TO ALL INVOLVED, AND GOOD LUCK IN UPCOMING DRAWS! [ August 31, 2003, 03:18 PM: Message edited by: disorder ]
  10. kuni said-- perhaps he is going to try and do something that has never been done (to my knowledge) take uk with ONLY italian troops!
  11. july 27, 1941 the axis has been quiet for 2 months now. we expect a large show of force soon(extra large!) the usa is still trying to decide where to put their boot camps at, and what kind of small rugged vehicles to mass produce.
  12. EXTRA EXTRA new headline "GAVROK AXIS WINS AS XEDIEL SUCCUMBS" 2 games left to be decided!
  13. july 14, 1940 kurt88 said-- rumors of the 1st canadians demise were just that.rumors!. though heavily damaged, they were still entrenched and almost encircled by 4 (yes 4) luftflottes, when the 2nd french mech passed within radio range, and set up a link-up just west of berlin. both are now adjacent to the VIII german corps, the lone defender of berlin. 3rd colonial (shock) troops is in a bad way now. they pass quickly by munich on their way EAST! u-47 brought to 10% str. by THE 3 R'S (rodney, resolution, and richelieu) the satanic twins scharnhorst and Gneisnau block british access eastward to oslo.british land to reinforce norway. on the french/italian border, the 2nd paris has darted past torino toward rome, and left an opening in the defenses for enemy troops. pretty much your normal, everyday sc turn.
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