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  1. The Spain in Strategic Command is very weak, I've taken it with two Italian Armies. But the real Spain is weaker than the Spain in SC. Six bombs and the socalled Democracy caved in to Musslim radicals terrorist, and the damage done will be felt for years to come. Libya would have never let us take away there weapons of mass destruction, if Cowardly Spain would have rolled over so easily before we (USA) put pressure on Butthead Qaddafi.
  2. Dear John Letter Jersey what happen? you were a tower of health the last time I was around. Probibly to much time babying the cry-babies around here. Their going to ruin your health buddy! Anyway get healthly my friend. Your avid admireror SeaWolf [ January 26, 2004, 07:29 PM: Message edited by: SeaWolf_48 ]
  3. Lucky Zorba Two points: if you decide to stay your going to get your toes stepped on, a lot, so tuffin-up, all of our opinions get shot up, but that's the nature of a forum. Learn to roll with the punches, turn the other cheek, ignor dumb comments from obvious duffusses, and you'll be fine. Then like Jim Boggs said, make a friend or two with other forum people. Find someone whom you think like, or respect, and comp them, you catch more flies with sugar. The next time someone jumps on your butt, you'll have some backup. Being a Newbie is the only way you can come into the forum, so have good facts to back up your assumptions and use a spell check and you'll do just fine. Welcome aboard to the Battlefront.
  4. I think it's cheesie! Rather see some military things, planes, tanks, etc.....
  5. Kuniworth Great job, we all do look very silly, grown men arguing over a kids game, actually thinking that our view point (opinion, eveyone has one just like everyone has a a_shole, and some people get them confused) is more important than eveybody else's. Conclusion: It makes me realize that Rambo is really a jerk.
  6. JERSEY What are you thinking, German tanks, trucks, carts, and VW's were all crossing over Ice Pack in the Baltic. It's as simple as that. Like the Lake Ladoga express, okay, don't be a stickler for Historic details. Your point is well taken about the Russian winter! It would make the gameplayer harder for the German Army to conquer Russia, which would be helpful. Good luck!
  7. xWORMwood If, if the Americans hadn't broke the code, some pretty smart guys did that work before the war started, and had to keep updating as it evolved. None the less The Japs never took Midway, in the game SC we won't have a possiblity to do this scenario until when? The Gemans could have never sailed into New York Harbor because of 1) British Navy 2) Canadian Navy 3) US Navy. Could never happen! German bombers didn't have the range from france to New York and back. They could have flown on a suicide mission however.
  8. The great thing about a game like SC is that you can set up the scenario if the tools are given to you. I wish that the tools for this Ukraine Scenario were given to us too see the results! I have already tried the suggestion by Bevin Alexander about not attacking Russia until the Med and Iraq is taken, and Russia is destroyed every time. Just set the Russian option to neutral. Again, the more options the better for Historic recreations......
  9. Some further thoughts about naval airpower. Carrier planes should only be able to destroy ships, submarines, and naval port facilities, and not against infantry or armor. Naval planes should be able to defend against Land airpower and attack it also. This part is iffy however, the only naval attacks against land aircraft was really only successful in the pacific war. American Carriers carried around 100 planes and from 1943 on usually traveled in task forces, each with several carriers ( between two and twelve, which would mean 200 to 1200 planes). The Japs were the same but on a smaller scale. These task forces did attack Island Air Bases to neutralize enemy air superiority. In the European Theater carriers were more associated with protecting shipping and destroying Capitol Ships, and not attacking air units. This leads to naval unit distrabution. I remember COS having Task Force Groups of ships that had between one and twenty ships. I like the way that game system was set up. But each TF had a different number of ships in it, instead of just one ship per unit. Maybe the SC Gods could review COS ship battle tactics! Huh! Well, one can wish!
  10. There is a way to stop the Italian scenario. Before war is declared on a nation, ships cannot be within one hex of the beligerant nation at sea. This would stop armies camping on the nations doorstep. Ships or troop transports wouldnot be allowed 50 miles from any neutral nation, thus when war begins troops couldnot land on the warring nation until the next turn. This would have to be written into the game mechanics by the SC Game Gods however! [ June 05, 2003, 12:44 AM: Message edited by: SeaWolf_48 ]
  11. I think that he used the FC Nexus Program (Flex Capasitor), although he didn't go back in time to verify the data.
  12. The reason for this posting is that I'm reading a book "How Hitler could have won WW2" by Bevin Alexander. One of his points is the misstreating of the Ukrainians and the power that he thru away. This seems like an option we could have just like partisans and Manchurian Troops. Alexanders main point is that Hitler should not have attacked Russia until he took the Mediterranean and the Middle East(around '43). Bevin says that Admiral Raeder saw the plan of sending 4 Panzer Divisions to Africa to take Cairo and then move them into Iraq and Iran for the oil. From there Britian would have been extremely weakened, Greece, Yugoslavia and Turkey would have submitted to the German jackboot, and Russia would have been attacked from Iran and Poland at the same time. OKW asked General Von Thoma to study the scenario and he came back with the same conclusion, send four Panzer Divisions, however he didn't see the big plan as well as Admiral Raeder, so he didn't stress the importance. It's ironic that later Rommel in 1941 asked Hilter for , you guested it, 4 Panzer Divisions. Hitler was only centered in on attacking Russia first, that's all he could see, and he only sent Rommel 1 1/2 Panzer Div (the 21st Panzer Div and the 5th Light which became the 15th Panzer Div. later). Try it in SC and you win every time! The Ukrainian scenario is another big misstake that Hitler made, easy to recreate in SC. Not done with the book yet, so I'll probibly have more later. [ June 05, 2003, 12:26 AM: Message edited by: SeaWolf_48 ]
  13. What? What are you trying to say? A who-or, what is that? If your trying to say something derogitory about John you've got a few men that will take you on, right now. If your trying to be cute, I don't see the joke. Ya John make a lot of postings, but he's always been a gentleman, and he's careful not to make anyone look stupid. Another thing, he knows his history, Focker!
  14. What is reclaiming a chit anyway? Do you pull down your buildings and sell the steel and bricks to the public and draft the scientist to create Armies and tanks. That's weird! Engineers, scientist, research people would move on to another research project, not become armies. I think that research points should be sold only to reinvest into other research!
  15. Let me help muddy the water some. If the bombers are strategic then they shouldn't be able to attack ground troops at all, total desaster in WW2 battlefield. killed as many of there own as the enemy. Medium bombers did however do much destruction to ground troops, both from JU-88's and B-25's or B-26's. Strategic Bombers were mostly used on bombing cities, or military targets. B-24's were used for ASW however, but on a very small level. Fighterbombers and dive bombers were mostly used against enemy troops. Fighters were used to protect all kinds of bombers and to attack other fighters or bombers. Fighters usually didn't strafe ground troops or bomb bunkers, to fragile. It seems to me that there should be strategic bombers for strategic targets, fighterbombers and medium bombers to use against troops, and fighters to used against other airplanes. Naval planes are another subject. Planes no matter which type shouldnot be able to destroy ground units completely, Infantry and Armor destroys and captures enemy troops not planes. [ June 05, 2003, 12:24 AM: Message edited by: SeaWolf_48 ]
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