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NEW ICONS (Download Here)


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(NOTE: Several people have emailed me asking why these icons don't show up after unzipping into Strat Comm's "Bitmaps" folder. If you install the Elite Edition pack over this one, it will be erased since the Elite has its own counter set. If you want mine in the game, install it AFTER the Elite Editon. All of the Elite Edition will remain except for the counters.)

The wait is over! For those who've seen my earlier post, this mod replaces all of the counters in the game (except for the minor powers, which will follow shortly; it took all I had to finish the majors) with realistic, force-specific icons. Sorry this is a little late but I learned a couple of PaintShop tricks to increase clarity while reducing pixelation. And since I'm picky, I had to go back and redo the Germans and Italians using this method. Obviously some reduce better than others. I decided to keep the strength numbers and confine the art to the upper half of the counter. Like I said earlier, look on each upgrade as an addition to the force and not a replacement. Anyway, that's the only rationalization I could think of for using my favorites, the Stuka and Jagdpanther smile.gif For those having problems with immersion, try this.


Note: I turned the Soviet counters to face left (the West). I think it looks better. If it bugs you, let me know.

The number of requests I receieved for this mod was WAY more than I had anticipated, which says a lot for the increasing popularity of Hubert's great game. So I cleared off some web space on my EAW site for it. The link is:

jbunnelle's force-specific icons

I hope everyone who has expressed interest sees this post. I'll try to respond to the individual emails as time allows. This mod is by no means set in stone so please email me with suggestions or vehicles you would like to see included. Enjoy!


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Have downloaded and am looking forward to trying them out. :cool:

It literally astonishes me what some of you can do with the computer graphics!

Since I didn't learn to utilize the computer until later in life -- my son had to tutor me, and still does, I compliment those of you who can really turn the screen into an attractive and compelling art, and I do believe it is -- a true Art.

Thanks again! smile.gif

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smile.gif Yes I know the difference, thx for providing me with the right name for it.

A tank hunter without a turret.., to be called a tank it needs a rotating turret, nicht war? ;)

Just semantics I guess, and again, I think the icons are great.)

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The Elite Edition has its own counter set so if you install it over this mod, it will be erased. So if you want to use my set, you'll have to install Elite Edition, then my icons.

I opened the Elite Edition and picked only the files I wanted, such as the excellent interface. However I don't care for the Elite Edition's terrain, as it makes the board look too busy and high contrast for me. Just my preference. His Axis and Allied blended flags are worth the download alone!


Yeah, I know the Jagdpanther is anti-tank, an 88mm basically welded on top of a Panther chassis. But like I said, each upgrade adds the new icon to the old so it doesn't mean you have tank fleets composed of just Jagdpanthers. That's just my take on how the research should be arranged. I think you should just get to dump research points into broad categories like "Aviation" instead of "Jet Fighters" specifically. The whole preoccupation with jet research seems to be a left-over from "Axis & Allies" and implies that it had more of a role in the shaping of the Luftwaffe than it did, from what I've read anyway. I don't think it was Milch's ultimate goal. Someone correct me if I'm mistaken.

Thanks for the nice comments!

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  • 4 months later...

Wow!! had to bring this up again for any newbies who feel like changing the way icons looked in game as well as reflecting tech level changes in units.

JmBunnelle did an excellent job tailoring the icons and made the Russian armies facing westwards!

You can still download it from his site..follow his link in his first post.

I didn't have any problems running it even with 1.06 version and it looks beautiful!

By the way, what is the Elite Edition of SC? did I miss something?

[ January 10, 2003, 02:30 PM: Message edited by: Genghis ]

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Heuristic -

hehe ahem you mean regurgitated :D

just call me the complete archivist...I've been finding a lot of good stuff to bring to the forefront again.

Actually I was simply looking for new flag icons to replace the Current German cross flag which I think looks silly but instead found a whole treasure trove of goodies smile.gif

Again the SC Elite Edition doesn't seem to work with V 1.06 so if anyone can figure out how to fix it..PLS let me know hehe

[ January 10, 2003, 03:18 PM: Message edited by: Genghis ]

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Originally posted by Genghis:

just call me the complete archivist...I've been finding a lot of good stuff to bring to the forefront again.

Lol keep it up. I tried but after reading the last eight pages my brian stated hurting. To unstructured for me :(

For instance in 6 months think someone wants to read 500 posts that read like this on right here? Lol

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Aye I get a lot of headaches looking past page 5 but that Search function is wonderful smile.gif

Anyways, my bad...all the mods work with v 1.06. I just had to reinstall the game using C: drive instead of F: :D

I also wrote to JMBunnelle to see if there is anyway to edit out his HQ units and use Elite or other mod icons in it's place yet still keep his air and ground units which are absolutely stunning to have.

If anyone still sees JMBunnelle, pls let him know about the HQ thingy heh!

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