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Computer Gaming World War Game of the Year

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Local boys make good! Well chalk one up for the folks who had a dream and the wear-with-all to see it through. Something that is becomming more rare in our times. Its enough to restore ones faith in humanity. And I ain't being tonge in cheek neither. Someone ought to have that BTS Manifesto molded into a brass plaque and layered in gold. Congratulations BTS!


"Gentlemen, you may be sure that of the three courses

open to the enemy, he will always choose the fourth."

-Field Marshal Count Helmuth von Moltke, (1848-1916)

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Originally posted by Lorak:

I don't know how to express how happy I am in words.... wait... Oh yes.



A nice tall one for BTS and the boys/girls !

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I received my copy just last Friday (what happened to the week end??)

I think the words you are searching for are "well deserving of any accolade bestowed upon it"

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Well boys, I predicted a year ago on this board that CM would win

"Wargame of the Year" from Computer Gaming World, the most prestigious

game award of it's kind. And I'm so very glad to see I was right. smile.gif

Way to go, Steve and Charles! You guys deserve it! smile.gif

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