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  1. Problem: tank is directed to shoot a building, but instead shoots at trees nearby (known) -- when the tree is taken out, it shoots the bridge nearby instead! (and bridge blows up as a result) Issue: when I direct the infantry platoon to move cross the river which I am pretty sure they can cross without a bridge or boat, they choose a longer way, through the bridge and exposed to fire. Issue: MG or mortar team cannot deploy weapon in the middle of a bridge (deliberate?)
  2. I played the demo tutorial 4 times now and find none of the observed behavior -- In the village, I notice a few jerries hiding in that 1-floor barn, the troops, with the support from a tank, fire at the barn and I notice the men inside rout after 2 or 3 minutes. (For the tank, that is pretty much another story) Then I send down 3 platoons down the other 2-story building where the last remaining squad is in, 2 of my platoons get hit pretty badly before the building is secured with 2 surrenders. After note: one guy seems to revert from his earlier rout and tries to re-enter the village through a hole in the bocage, all he gets is a shot in close range...
  3. Blaming M$ for your development issues? We are on the same boat anyway. No complaint. Now hand me that 1.05 patch, please. Oh I have uninstalled that CMSF to save space... 2 moons have passed and I am still right here waiting to see how the rabbit is pulled out of your hat. Thank you and good luck to everyone.
  4. I have objections against the game is not finished. It is working but need, more or less, a lot of places which does not seem to work according to spec, i.e. patches are needed. A gain of optimism is good. I still have (some) faith in BFC. Am I playing the game? No, too busy with life and many games are piling up: HL2E2, Bioshock, M&B, Jade Empire, Fabel, and the list goes on. Nonetheless, still manage to play a game of CMBB PBEM once a day...
  5. humm...let's see The Orange Box Mass Effect will be out soon (on XB336 i.e.) Bioshock Mount&Blade if you have it oh, CMBO/CMBB/CMAK have quite a lot of fans around here.
  6. Still playing CMBB PBEM (and try to convince my opfor to try CMAK) almost everyday. ps I want a wide-screen 24" LCD monitor too....
  7. also known as "Home Field Advantage".... </font>
  8. Can't help but wonder what it would have been if this were 1.01 instead... Will d/l and run it tonight. Thanks for all the work.
  9. To be fair: yes and no Love the improvements but could have been better.
  10. Jason, I concur with you here. The Syrians MG team is not very effective when it come to long range (>100m). They keep firing at a lone M3 surviving crew at 200+m for over 4 min (iirc) without hitting anything, the guy just keep running. The RPG, RF and HG units are far more effective... Unfortunately, when come to closer distance, MG team get cut down rather rapidly by US teams before the Syrians can prove themselves.... Two things: 1. Has anyone seen any grenade exchanges? Every Syrian unit has some, but I have yet to see grenade thrown by both sides after 4 or 5 games as Syrians. Or were my teams placed to far away? 2. Is MG jamming modeled, if yes or how? All MGs here seem to fire for minutes without any jam or have the barrel replaced. I have only seen MG paused for ammo loading.
  11. 1. I know some one in my infantry platoon is a sharpshooter/sniper. Is there any means to deploy this "specialist" effectively? 2. How to tell your M2/M3 to fire TOW at enemy AFW at first sight? TIA.
  12. I guess that is exactly why in a bvb game, the M2 keeps ping enemy stryker with cannon only... Thank you very much.
  13. About rout/surrender: As posted elsewhere, the suppression factor predominates most of the time and the unit under fire rarely moves before the morale breaks down... I have seen the whole side surrenders (me or the other) but not by individual unit
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