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  1. Must say, Lorak, after all this time I'd forgotten what it was like to have you posting. Help me forget again </font>
  2. sigh, Reading the thread brings a tear to my eye. Much like the smell of Pengs socks. I would say it was nice seeing a lot of you olde ones posting, but I haven't drank enough to lie that well yet. So with love I will just say feck off! and go grab another glass of scotch.
  3. Forget Cows providing cover, or even tipping them. Can we get a mod so we can play Cow Bingo?
  4. Wow... Just wow... I guess it is true that the Peng thread will never die! LOL Lorak
  5. Damn I am bored. I had finally found some small manor of escape in fiefdom while at work.. but now, even that is taken from me. I blame it all on Berli. Only someone as truly evil and cold hearted as he could do something as vile and twisted as this! Please Berli! Bring our fiefdom back. I'll even sell you a soul...not mine of course... but a soul none-the-less. Lorak [ February 17, 2004, 09:04 PM: Message edited by: Lorak ]
  6. I know it is a lot to ask... But what the hel is fiefdom? I've seen the link, but there is nothing there saying what the hell it is without signing up. Before I sign up, I'd like to have some damn clue what I am signing up for. Also, whats needed to play? Is it text based over the web, or what? I might be interested, not like I don't have 8 hours a night to kill sitting here. I was going to sigh up just to read the help pages I guess. but what in the hell should I choose for the options? Makes no sense to be choosing crap upon signup, if you have no clue what they are. Lorak [ February 12, 2004, 06:06 PM: Message edited by: Lorak ]
  7. Oh, and I can't forget the most famous of Gnome songs. I want to tell you a story About a little man If I can. A gnome named Steven Pemble. And little gnomes stay in their homes. Eating, sleeping, drinking their wine. He wore a scarlet tunic, A blue green hood, It looked quite good. He had a big adventure Amidst the grass Fresh air at last. Wining, dining, biding his time. And then one day - hooray! Another way for gnomes to say Oooooooooomray. Look at the sky, look at the river Isn't it good? Look at the sky, look at the river Isn't it good? Winding, finding places to go. And then one day - hooray! Another way for gnomes to say Oooooooooomray. Ooooooooooooooomray Lorak
  8. ohh... a jolly sing-a-long... How about gnome songs? me and your garden gnome have set up shop outside your home and we've watched you come and go but you wouldn't notice us here down below me and your garden gnome we made friends a long time ago and we soak up the sun, we chill out in the snow we're sitting in your garden like a murder of crows and at the break of dawn if we could trouble you for just a moment if you'd leave your clock radio on he and I could dance a jig halfway across your lawn neither one of us likes your new guy and we couldn't really tell you why maybe it's because we don't stand as high or maybe it's because you quit noticing us when he walks by so I guess it seems a little bizarre that we poured sugar in the tank of his car we set off his antitheft and we smiled when you left because we knew you'd only get so far and at the break of dawn . . . envy and regret are ghosts that go together like tea and toast and the gnome and I debate that if we both suffocate which one of us you'd miss the most and this morning I was out of your sight and I smashed the gnome with all my might and it was hard to decide if those were tears in his eyes because someone had left your sprinklers on all night and at the break of dawn if we could trouble you for just a moment if you could leave your clock radio on he and I could dance one last jig halfway across your lawn and at the break of dawn you'll find me singing to the morning sun digging up your lawn trying to find where you've hid your secrets like a leprechaun Lorak
  9. 1)Tax your serfs till they beg for mercy. 2)Feed them only enough to keep them alive. 3)Fill thier heads with dreams of the fiefdom next door being rich with milk and honey. 4)Draft them all and tell them all that food is thiers for the taking! works for north korea anyway.
  10. Dawns light starts to spill in upon the couple Dalem is sweating, pulling and tugging, as the camera pans down to the still clothed Yk2. Dalem in anguish finally lifts his head and arms to the sky Dalem "By all that is holy!! How in the hell do you untie this damn thing!!"
  11. Good Me Almighty. Flight sims, football, and, finally, snowboarding. This is the most extraordinary pre-Mid-Life crisis I've ever encountered. I can't remember when I've been more perturbed. Oh, well, except for that period when Bauhaus was playing snowboard computer games. That was just unnatural. What has wrought this change? I'd like to think it was some sort of deep emotional trauma dating back to an incident in your past that you're trying to sublimate beneath a round of vulgar behaviours, rather than that you've become some sort of pillock. But I forgive you, in any case. You'll always be the Herald of the Cesspool to me. Even when I take you out behind the barn with a borrowed .22 rifle for that last hug and then your long, long journey to a better place, I'll always have a catch in my voice when I speak of you. Excuse me, everyone. There's something in my eye, and I must react. I'm off to buy some hollow-points. </font>
  12. yea, i would type more, but limited to onr arm makes it a bitch. Those are the basics, you really should hit netwings or one of the Flight sim sights to ask. Here is bad, because it takes nothing to play cm. myself, i run a p4 2.6 with a 9800 non-pro. Ihave no problems with anything out right now. lorak
  13. joe, as for a new system, depends on what your using it for. I'd go for a p4 3.0 1 gig ram and a 9800 ATI graphics card(not se, they suck). Lorak
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