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Isn't the Sherman a little too powerful here?

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Did that Sherman have a 76 with HVAP Ammo or something similar and HIT a weak point in the front of the TigerII.

When I use to play CMBO I remember this happened a few times. Now with CMAK, the Armor and Penetrations are handled differently and it seems harder to achive that KO.

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Originally posted by AttilaTheHungry:

Just got this game recently. It's pretty good, but since when can one Sherman knock out a King Tiger from the front? According to everything I've read it took many numbers of most tank types to kill one Tiger, and could only happen from the sides or rear.

I'm not saying that this is the mechanism simulated in CM:BO, but I've read a report of a 6-pounder knocking out a Panther on the nose by putting a shot through the opening in the ball MG mount on the glacis plate.

Never say "never"!

All the best,


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It could have been worse , you could have experienced the Tiger being knocked out by a Stuart - I haven't had the experience as yet but I know some have. smile.gif


You can't say civilization don't advance, however, for in every war they kill you a new way. - Will Rogers

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The first reply was the best. 76mm HVAP is not wimpy at all. 75mm plain AP is. The upper front hull of the King Tiger is impervious anyway, but the turret front is not (do have to be closer in though). Brit 17 pdr (Sherman Firefly) is even more powerful, and routinely penetrates the turret front out to medium range. US 90mm can also do it.

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