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CMFI KOREA 1950 MOD scenario creation thread (and later with PBEM DAR)

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I admit it. When it comes to CM stuff, I am like a guy with about a half-dozen girlfriends. I get all into one and spend a lot of time with her and then - "poof!" - she just doesn't do it for me as much anymore and I head over to another hot chick instead. :D FRANCE 1940 keeps calling me but it always goes to voicemail and I haven't taken her on a date in a while. CMAK2 AFRIKA I have some excitement going on. With that series I can roll in the hay (sand?) with British and various Commonwealth birds, French Mademoiselles, exotic Polish and Indian ladies, Italianas, German frauleins and even some 1940's Apple Pie American babes.  I have a real faded relationship with my Russian Barbarossa beauty. I built a sauna for my fond memories of my time or 2 with that fine female from Finland. I confess I have been eyeballing a Spanish Blue Division senorita upon occasion. ...BUT...KOREA 1950 has got me doodling her name at work and daydreaming of her all day. I told her to enjoy it while she can.


In this thread I will yammer on about my creation of a scenario for the CMFI KOREA 1950 MOD. It should eventually end with the PBEM DAR. It is another ASL translation. Gary and I just finished it in VASL and I lost. Sort of just barely I lost. ASL scenario victory conditions can be complex and always need the human player(s) to be involved in the victory analysis and determination. Right now I enjoy ditching CM's normal points and victory determination and shifting over to the ASL style.

What is the scenario you big mouth?

It is another great scenario based on historical events written by Pete Shelling. It came out just this year in an ASL related periodical PDF I pay for. 


KADONG-NI, KOREA. July 15, 1950.

Here is the publicly available online description of the scenario. https://www.aslscenarioarchive.com/scenario.php?id=66450

Here is the ASL map...


The US Army official history is free online https://history.army.mil/books/korea/20-2-1/toc.htm

Here is page 136 that covers the action the scenario is based upon.


The men in B Company saw an estimated 300 to 400 North Korean soldiers on high ground southwest of them-already safely across the river. And they saw that crossings were still in progress downstream at a ferry site. Enemy soldiers, 25 to 30 at a time, were wading into the river holding their weapons and supplies on their heads, and plunging into neck-deep water. [44]

From his observation post, Colonel Meloy could see the crossing area to the left but few details of the enemy movement. Already B Company had called in artillery fire on the enemy crossing force and Colonel Meloy did likewise through his artillery liaison officer. Capt. Monroe Anderson of B Company noticed that while some of the enemy moved on south after crossing the river, most of them remained in the hills camouflaged as shrubs and small trees. Lieutenant Early, fearing an attack on his rear by this crossing force, left his 3d Platoon and moved back to a better observation point. There for an hour he watched enemy soldiers bypass B Company, moving south. [45]

By this time it seemed that the North Koreans were crossing everywhere in front of the regiment. As early as 0630 Colonel Winstead had reported to the regiment that his command post and the Heavy Mortar Company were under attack and that the center of his battalion was falling back. The enemy troops making this attack had crossed the river by the partly destroyed bridge and by swimming and wading. They made deep penetrations and about 0800 overran part of the positions of A Company and the right hand platoon of B Company behind the dike. They then continued on south across the flat paddies and seized the high ground at Kadong-ni. Lt. John A. English, Weapons Platoon leader with B Company, seeing what had happened to the one platoon of B Company along the dike, ran down from his hill position, flipped off his helmet, swam the small stream that empties into the Kum at this point, and led out fourteen survivors. [46]

This enemy penetration through the center of the regimental position to the 1st Battalion command post had to be thrown back if the 19th Infantry was to hold its position. Colonel Meloy and Colonel Winstead immediately set about organizing a counterattack force from the 1st Battalion Headquarters and the Regimental Headquarters Companies, consisting of all officers present, cooks, drivers, mechanics, clerks, and the security platoon. Colonel Meloy brought up a tank and a quad-50 antiaircraft artillery half-track to help in the counterattack. This counterattack farce engaged the North Koreans and drove them from the high ground at Kadong-ni by 0900. Some of the enemy ran to the river and crossed back to the north side. In leading this attack, Maj. John M. Cook, the 1st Battalion Executive Officer, and Capt. Alan Hackett, the Battalion S-1, lost their lives. [47]

Colonel Meloy reported to General Dean that he had thrown back the North Koreans, that he thought the situation was under control, and that he could hold on until dark as he, General Dean, had requested. 


[44] Interv, Blumenson with Early, 26 Aug 51.

[45] Ibid.; Ltrs, Meloy to author, 4, 30 Dec 52.
[46] Ltrs, Meloy to author, 4, 30 Dec 52; Notes, Logan for author, Jun 
52; Ltr, Meloy to author, 29 May 52. 

[47] Notes, Logan for author, Jun 52; Ltr, Meloy to author, 29 May 52: 
Interv, Mitchell with Meloy, 30 Jul 50; Intervs, Blumenson with Early, 
26 Aug 51, and Cutler, 27 Aug 51: 24th Div WD, G-3 Jnl, entry 583, 
160730, Jul 50. 


Later I will show the Google Earth image of the actual area and slowly develop my CM map and scenario. Then eventually Gary and I lock horns and go at it. Along the way I will try and develop some new [korea] flavor objects and try to make a quality KOREA 1950 map.




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13 hours ago, Vacillator said:

Sounds great anyway Phil.  Are all of these recent works H2H only?  As you talk about PBEMs I imagine so?

Yes. H2H only is my new method. Chopping out the AI plan creation is the greatest thing since sliced bread.

Playing against a human is best.

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I made some good enough 2 cent mound style Korean graves in Blender. 5 minutes.

Next up in Blender to TRY.

1) a Korean style farm cart I saw. 4 chunky wood wheels.

2) garden trellis with vegetables growing.

3) water jugs - I googled "korean jugs" and ...oh my

I also want to take a few houses and make them more [korea] looking

The Kadong-ni map slowly develops...

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  • 2 weeks later...

I got lazy on Kadong-ni. It was fairly complex. Ugggh. Later gator. So I changed gears and tackled an easier ASL scenario/map conversion.

Commander for a Day KW (id:#63448)
(Rally Point #15 ID: RPT142)   [next]   [previous]
Ch’onan, Korea 1950-07-07 (0 others)
Designer: Evan E. Sherry

Colonel Robert M. Martin has just taken command of the battered American 34th Infantry Regiment, 24th Infantry Division (equipped with obsolete bazookas) and must conduct a desperate defense of the village on board 71 against the KPA 4th Division’s 6-2-8s and 4-4-7s with two T-34/85s in this 4.5 turn tournament-level scenario set on board 71.

Gary and I recently played this in VASL and I pulled off a victory as the US.

I have made an adequate CM version of Ch'onan circa 1950 and we will fire up the PBEM tomorow night.

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Ladies and gentlemen, we are finalizing the mods in Gary's z folder so he has anything new I have made since we last played the KOREA Mod.

I made a Korean farmcart, Korean mound style graves and a few building mods. 

I will fire up FRAPS and get my image hosting website all warmed up.


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It is early July 1950. The US Army has just gotten to Korea from Japan. The NKPA is pushing hard to capture the entire peninsula. Ch'onan is one more battle to try and delay the NKPA enemy until the UN and more US Army and Marine Corps assets can arrive.


I like to use these hidden ramp set up zones. It saves me the worry of how the battle will start by maybe making the map so much bigger with obstructed areas.



Colonel Martin was killed in action during this battle. RIP sir. A park is named after him there in modern day Ch'onan. Bird colonel rank mod. Disregard "Mountain Infantry"...


Sgt Christenson was another real life individual during this battle. He was seriously injured (his eye popped out of the socket) when Col. Martin was KIA. He was then captured and became a POW for many years. 






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When you convert an ASL scenario over to CM you can try and carry over the victory conditions but typically in my experience it goes beyond the ability of the CM scoring system to make it work. A human player discussion must occur to finalize who wins. In this scenario I must hold at least 2 of the multi-hex buildings as they are called in ASL. Here below you see them as labeled objectives...

He seems to be bringing both of his 2 tanks up on my left. My right just faces his infantry. I had those US Army trucks in there based on the story of truck drivers first seeing the NKPA approach and hauling butt to the rear. They were also bringing up ammo so I could use that as I am on historical scarce ammo levels.


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On my right I had a nice ambush set up and I reaped a fine harvest of blood! (Corniness Level 7 out of 10?)


I even nailed one of his commanders! Either it was Hyundai or Kia. 


I wish I could say the same for my left by the station. The bazooka team is safely back from the wall near the enemy but the MMG is looking to die there. If I can manage to get them all out of there and back to the other buildings...




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ok, things are ugly on the left. The bazooka team with Sgt Christenson DID make it over to a different part of the station.


Then they all caught the last train to Fragsville. Corniness Level 8 out of 10?


On my right, a team is apparently trying out for the ARMY TRACK AND FIELD COMPETITION? Headed back to Japan boys?


But back at the station the MMG team wakes up and does some firing...


A tank with a telephone pole for a barrel is headed their way...




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The station has fallen...


I marked it with an NKPA flag...

He moves a tank over to mid-field north of the Guvmint Building that hands out free kimchee. My guys in there are in panic mode. That leaves the Post Office, School and Police HQ. I managed to grab ammo from a few trucks and am getting organized to try and defend a little longer. I did get a bazooka round off earlier but it when high and exploded in the branches of a tree.


Headed to the office so...



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I guess I get all excited and impatient to get these PBEMs started rolling. :(

Gary got the new mods but I guess didn't get them into his game before we started. Things act odd if both PBEM players do not have the same mods BEFORE the battle starts. 

So, my Korean grave mounds reverted back to some other mod. Korean cart also reverted to a previous 3D model of an Italian cart with blue fabric canopy.

oh well

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The Guvmint Building team have their dick skinners in the air!


Now they wave the white flag of surrender. Another building of the 5 has fallen. That makes 2 of 5 in NKPA possession. I can only lose 1 more or lose the game.


Gary gets another flag!


NKPA Sgt Kia creeps along under fire. 



The Post Office team goes postal? Orders: "Exit the building and proceed to the designated new location." BUT NOT OUT THE FRONT DOOR!!!


A butt ton of North Koreans are headed towards the defenders...





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Thanks Phil @kohlenklau, for the really great work you did on this.  The battle was not an easy one.  You really slaughtered my left flank, killing off all the officers.  I wan't sure how things were going to go, so I pulled one of the tanks over to assist.  That was the right tactical move.  

This was great fun and a very nice-looking mod.  It felt right for the area and the time frame.  👍


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The North Korean soldiers swam and waded across the Kum River with their equipment kept dry up on their heads. They went through the rice paddy area very quickly and headed for the highground. The ASL scenario has victory conditions of victor holding 2 of 3 options. The 3 options are (1) the highground designated hexes, (2) a multi-hex building - which I now dubbed as "The Temple", or (3) at least 5 of the 9 houses in the village.



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Gary and I plan to start the PBEM on Thursday. He is the NKPA and I am the US Army. The battle starts with some of his troops on a certain part of the map and then he gets 2 groups of reinforcements arriving "in a van down by the river" at T=10 and T=15 minutes. I also start the battle with troops on a certain part of the map with another group arriving at the west edge at T=5 minutes. 

Below are the units as listed in the ASL scenario card OOB. I then must edit them into the CM world. I try to use the scenario editor settings we have as tools but also some random die roll to help me jumble it up.


on map
4-5-8 [E]
4-4-7 [1]  qty3
5-2-7   1  qty3
4-5-8 [E]
4-4-7 [1]   qty2
5-2-7   1   qty3
4-4-7 [1]    qty3
5-2-7  1     qty2
on map
6-6-6  1    qty7
60mm mortar
5-4-6   2   qty8
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