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Using Recon elements - Buttoned or unbuttoned?


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I've not been able to get a definitive spot on enemy across the field using my M1151 LRAS Humvees. Is it because I have them unbuttoned? The LRAS looks like it has an monocular sight on the box, but does it get used like in RWS, from within the vehicle?
The attached image shows my LRAS at the opposite side of the battlefield, from the POV of a possible tank spot, yet my recon guys can't get a PID on the tank.
I've played this first US campaign mission about 5 times now since release, and recon always gets killed before they prove themselves useful.


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16 minutes ago, Marc.M said:
I've not been able to get a definitive spot on enemy across the field using my M1151 LRAS Humvees. Is it because I have them unbuttoned?

I have not tested this in a long while.  However the below use to be true.  If anybody has updated info please let us know. 

Some vehicles do not get benefit from their primary thermal sensor if buttoned:

M1151 Recon Humvee

M1167 ATGM Humvee

M1127 Stryker RV

M1131 Stryker FSV

M1200 Armored Knight

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Most of the content is on Wikipedia, just needs to be updated a little for a CM focus, but gathering together the content under one place under a CM banner, so maybe a list on Wikipedia would be a start and then a little editing of the pages to support a CM reader.

Wouldnt it be great to have the time and knowledge to do that?

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Welcome aboard!

Can't speak to using LRAS in CMBS, but to use the real one, the carrier vehicle must have the hatch open iin front of which the LRAS is positioned. In CM terms, the vehicle must be Unbuttoned. The keyframe of the short video below shows exactly what I mean as far as crew exposure to use it. The video is for the far more capable LRAS3, but the fundamentals of the mounting and the display haven't changed. Both the device and display are on the roof, and there is no in-cabin remote display like what the M!A2 SEP V3 has from the CITV (Commander's Independent Thermal Viewer) aka Hunter Killer Sight. IN terms of basic capabilities, LRAS is supposed to be able to operate out as far as 70 km, but I do not know against what target. My suspicion, and reasonable expectation, is that it would be spot and identify as a tank a fully exposed tank. Obviously, PID Friend or Foe would be somewhat less than that, depending upon such things as the presence or absence of recognition enhancements, such as thermal panels. Do you know the range from your LRAS Hummer to your targets?


John Kettler

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