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MT-12 as Artillery


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Well the MT-12 is, indeed, equipped for indirect fire. But I wonder whether it was likely to see such a use in a typical CMCW (not CMBS) scenario, also considering that (in game) each (off map) gun is allotted 40 HE shells. Way above what the on map MT-12 has.

Anyway, gotta love a gun that is called like the blades I use for shaving! 😁

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1 hour ago, MikeyD said:

BFC tried an on-map high velocity gun for indirect fire in CMFI. The italian 47/32 M35 anti-tank gun. The trajectory is so flat that 'indirect fire' means just barely clearing an intervening low stone wall. You can't really shoot over anything else on a CM-size map.

M35 had up to +56 deg elevation, when MT-12 up to +20 only, so M35 is a real "howitzer" in comparison with MT-12 :) 

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