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CMAK France 1940/Sealion mods

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1 hour ago, Ivan Zaitzev said:

Are there any scenarios to go with this mod?

I have been using it to go with custom scenarios set in France in 1940, though I'm not sure which of them were specifically meant to go with this mod.


On 8/11/2021 at 1:52 PM, MKSheppard said:

Above file has been rehosted in the CMAK Mod Archive on the Internet Archive.

Good to know, I don't exactly have a lot of space in my dropbox.

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On 8/22/2021 at 11:21 PM, Centurian52 said:

I have been using it to go with custom scenarios set in France in 1940, though I'm not sure which of them were specifically meant to go with this mod.


Good to know, I don't exactly have a lot of space in my dropbox.

Can you provide a download link for those scenarios?  I would really appreciate it!

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TAKE MY WESTERN FRONT MOD DOWN IMMEDIATELY!!! I was not approached for permission to re-upload this mod. Although I am no longer actively modding any one of you could have contacted me via details provided within the mod. I do NOT and CANNOT give full permission because of the following:

1) Although there is a lot of my efforts therein, there was a lot of other stuff too, for which only some of it did I have full permissions. For the rest it was either limited permissions along with some pending (i.e. unknown or uncertain authorships/permissions/copyrights of which I asked for feedback).

2) After taking the mod off-line for other reasons, I was later made aware of two potential copyright issues and one modder who explicitly would not have given permission. These matters died because I'd already taken the mod offline - and promised not to re-publish it.

3) You have now re-uploaded the mod and with my details and thus exposed me to all and sundry, and made me a potential target of complaints and potential copyright action.

I have had to flag Battlefront, and initiate tortuous correspondences with DropBox and the Internet Archive to try to minimise potential blow-back.

Edited by Streety
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1 hour ago, Streety said:


I have removed it from my dropbox, so the link will no longer work. There's no reason to shout or use so many exclamation points, I am perfectly willing to comply. All you are accomplishing by shouting is to create a hostile interaction.

There is a need for a CMAK Western Front mod, and I haven't been able to find any others out there (some textures for late war, but none for early war). So if you aren't comfortable with other people sharing it then you might consider uploading it yourself. Since it's a mod and not a commercial product (no one can sell it or make any money on it) I seriously doubt you have to worry about copyright.

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The file has been removed from the CMAK Mod archive for now.

As Centurian has pointed out, all you are doing is creating a hostile environment for interaction.

I'm trying to understand how copyright action can be undertaken wrt a niche graphics mod made back in 2012 for a niche wargame that was released in 2003.

The only thing you're accomplishing with your rant is denying future players the ability to utilize your work (and that of others).

I'll tell you a story. A few years back in April to Mid-May 2016, I got a six pack of soda and sat down at every online scenario archive for The Operational Art of War:

GameSquad Depot (1 download/minute limit)
Rugged Defense (10 downloads/hour limit)
Old Games Depot Archive (Wargamer) archived at the internet archive
Old "No Panzers Please" Archived Website at Internet Archive

It took quite a while because of those stupid time limits.

One of the things I snagged was the TOAW Legacy Project -- which was 415 scenarios converted to TOAW3 format and stored on Game Squad File Depot in 42 separate files.

Guess what?

Since then:

Game Squad has saw their entire file section nuked (everything that was there is gone)
Rugged Defense has gone bye bye.

If I hadn't done the site rips back in 2016; the TOAW community would be SOL for playing those old scenarios.

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@Streety  AH AH AH ! WHO ARE YOU ?

But sure, I know where you're from with your copyrights ****.

*sneaking* *the law is the law* *stand your ground* 

pfff...This is hilarious. Who are you afraid of ? For modifying some .bmp files through paint or an old PhotoShop version that will bug any modern computer.

I'm glad I downloaded every files from CMAK, CMBB, CMBO available at Internet archives. Even if I only own CMBB for now.

The series began now; more than 20 years ago. Most of the modders, players, scenarios designers ARE JUST GONE. SOME ARE EVEN GONE FOR GOOD. dead.

As totally new to it, I discovered it the hard way. Like when I tried a dozen times to thanks any contributors of the game I played. With the so called author's e-mail or whatsoever you're talking about...So far, they are all dead links, abandoned address, ghost hosted websites that now redirect me into some japanese porn. yeah I swear there's a link like this also on this forum 🙂

I'm using both Philip and DenHost list of ranked scenarios. AND I'M GLAD SOMEONE DID IT. AND I'M GLAD DENHOST EXPLICITLY SAID HE DON'T CARE ABOUT OTHERS SAYING THEY WERE NOT ASKED FOR. yes, yes, on this little .txt so few are reading.

otherwise, I would play a very different game.

Glad this exists. for all mods.

Be sure I will "disseminate" your mod.

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I got a copy of Denhost's scenario collection from someone who saved it on a random USB Drive.


But I'd like to return to your point:

The series began now; more than 20 years ago. Most of the modders, players, scenarios designers ARE JUST GONE. SOME ARE EVEN GONE FOR GOOD. dead.

A lot of the game's value itself came from mods/modding -- CMBO itself is unplayable in the modern era without a heavy mod pack installed to update the rather primitive textures; and the scenarios make the games' replayability value skyrocket immensely.

We're 20 years on from when this was "going on", and tons of websites have all died (along with the people who ran them).

An unfortunate reality of the internet is that while the Internet Archive is very good about saving non-interactive "Internet v1.0" websites; when it comes to something with interactivity -- "Internet v2.0", the hit rate goes down dramatically -- as shown by the Internet Archive's rather poor recovery rate for the old wargamer.com Scenario Depot.

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For example, a story in two acts (see attached)

I believe the scenario in question on that page is preserved in Denhost's collection as "The Steel Square v3.cmb".

If Denhost hadn't been autistic enough to put together his huge collection; all those early CMBO scenarios from the 2000s would have been lost like tears in the rain, time to die....



Edited by MKSheppard
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CMBO was the least good but CMBB and then CMAK added many new features.  I agree, a well-modded CM1 looks comparable to CM2 when viewed at level 3 or higher.  It's great to see the detail in CM2 games at level 1 or 2.  But, after a few weeks, how many people actually play a scenario at level 1 or 2?  CM1 was much easier for designed scenarios and campaigns as well.  I did a few.  But, wouldn't dare designing in CM2.  Not if one wants a life...

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It was very interesting to read this thread as it reminds me of what I often try to do.

I look at myself and see myself, using a half-*** Hollywood analogy, as a producer, director and actor for CM content creation.

producer: I gather up existing mods and use them in new projects. scrounger city!

director: I work with other modders to get stuff made for the new project. many good friends made along the way. 

actor: I DO make my own new mods for the new project. My lame efforts are the rotted cherry on top! hahaha

Usually I TRY to give credit but often miss ALL names. The older ghost content. For example, I recently sent a text to EZ for "permission" but had no reply.

I don't have any lawyers on the payroll because there is no damn payroll. 


CMFI FRANCE 1940 is alive and well.



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On 4/20/2023 at 8:30 AM, WimO said:

Thank you for the great mod France 1940. Played with it a bit today. Looks great. A lot of work on your part. Appreciated.

You are very welcome. Thank you for the kind words. 

I know you are neck deep in France 1944...but if you ever get a hankering to make anything France 1940, just holler! There is a guide and I can try to answer questions and give advice for how to best manipulate the mod's elements.

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