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  1. I gave you my free advice, buddy, because people have asked Battlefront kindly before (including me) about their either correcting stuff or opening code to allow others. It won't happen, sorry, you'll get nowhere. Give it up.
  2. Battlefront will never do it. And gaming on linux is a pig and will never be much good - I should know, I used to have a linux device. Forget it. Dual booting is prob your best option if you're techie enough and your hardware is up to it - you can still buy legit win7 discs and legit keys on Amazon (I did 8 months ago). Otherwise buy a cheap 2nd-hand refurbished device - if possible get an XP one and add any nVidia card up thru the 900 series which can use the very last nVidia XP driver, 368.81 (which came out as recently as July 2016 and is still available), as this should give you the nice m
  3. Redwolf, I'm not targeting anything, just putting information and queries out there about resolutions and how to obtain them, just in case it's of use to someone. And I've been asking if anyone has found other resolutions. And in my last message I was just confirming, for posterity and completeness, for what residual use it might be to anyone, something that Schrullenhaft some while ago suggested might be possible about software rendering of CMBO but not CMBB or CMAK. And in my message it is very clear that I'm merely pondering/querying what potential use it could be to anyone, hence the "??"
  4. Right. Back to the core purpose of the thread. Just for the hell of it I tested CMBO, CMBB and CMAK at software-rendered 640x480, and Schrullenhaft's notion was correct in that you can run CMBO but not the others at that res. See attached pic. I suppose it might be of residual interest to someone cobbling together a low-spec mobile device?? The ground tiles don't look right and the buildings look a little pixelated (though this might be corrected with smaller bitmaps? or look better depending on your rig) but otherwise it isn't too bad. Perhaps we'll be able to play CMBO on smart phones or sma
  5. We're well past that bit of advice Redwolf - please read a short thread before jumping in - we're onto Erwin's unusual desire to force a 4:3 game to fit the widescreen horizontally, cutting off top and bottom of the in-game image, because he drank too much schnapps. But all the same, I'm glad Erwin's toying with settings also helped another soul increase their resolution, and made the thread worth starting. And Erwin! Another reported 2048x1536 means you weren't just suffering from a North-African desert mirage. And getting back to the point of the thread, I wonder what other 4:3 resolution
  6. You're welcome Erwin. Actually, I kept on thinking about how to possibly fulfil your unusual desire to display CMx1 so that it fills across a 16:10 widescreen but 4:3 aspect ratio maintained, so you end up cutting off the top and or bottom of the in-game screen. There is something else you can try. Go into your NVidia control panel, look for something called "manage custom resolutions", then click on "create", then click on "advanced settings", then look for a "manual" settings button (at least, that is what it's all called on my old NVidia card). In there, you'll find some parameters (
  7. P.S. to my previous last para: If I recall, sometimes if a monitor will accept a much greater desktop resolution from your graphics chip than it can display, it will let you have it and then allow you to navigate the larger desktop with your mouse - e.g. as you move your mouse up and down the screen, the larger desktop will scroll to let you see another part of your desktop. However, it probably won't happen with a laptop display, but only with an external monitor, and even then only (of course) where your chip's maximum "external monitor" display resolution is greater than your external monit
  8. What resolutions can CMx2 run at? I've no idea but (stupidly??) assume it has widescreen capability(?). If so, it must surely have a max resolution closer to your 2560x1600 monitor? Or else you are going to have to accept that you'll need to alter scaling or aspect ratio settings depending on whether playing CMx1 or CMx2. Jeez, Erwin. Filling the screen horizontally without image-stretch but by instead cutting off top and bottom of the game sreen is highly unlikely to be possible. Graphics chips and monitors are not designed to intentionally incorrectly display an image resolution! But t
  9. Yes, if you de-stretch the screen (remove scaling) you'll get black bars either side because you're running a 4:3 game on a 16:10 widescreen. Your "aspect ratio" setting is probably the setting that means (and should be called) "maintain aspect ratio". This could work better if you're playing both widescreen and non-widescreen games without wanting to keep changing your graphics settings. But "maintain aspect ratio" can cause problems with other issues (desktop settings or switching between programs), depending on your graphics card and what other software you have. There's no one-size-fits
  10. Erwin, it's still interesting that you can apparently go to 2048x1536 on CMAK. Here's me quoting myself about de-stretching the image on widescreens: Or, your monitor might have its own separate controls for this. With newer NVidia or ATI wide-screen capable graphics cards (which I don't have so I'm guessing) there maybe simply an option to "do not scale". But you get the idea, you need to find scaling and aspect ratio options somewhere, and play around with them. If no joy send me your exact graphics card, OS, and monitor model and I'll try to have a gander....
  11. Hiya Erwin (Had to look up your "IIRC" = if I remember correctly??). Well, IIRC, CMx1 max resolution was 1600x1200! So are you talking about the game's DirectX 3D Testing offering you 2200xsomething? (see attached preview pic) Somehow I'd doubt it anyway because if the game could offer it, then the next one up from 1600x1200 would be 2048x1536. So are you instead merely talking about what max resolution your screen can run at using image upscaling of a 1600x1200 game? Image upscaling would make a 1600x1200 game image appear less sharp on a screen taller than 1200 pixels, but a very good qualit
  12. I found the below quotes in a CMSF thread and responded there, but also just realised that I could copy it to CMx1, where it might be of more use. This might only be of interest to Schrullenhaft, but today, whilst playing about with my Samsung XP netbook (crappy intel GMA 3150 integrated graphics) but capable of displaying a maximum of 1920x1080 on an external monitor, I plugged it into a 4:3 monitor capable of 1600x1200. I then noted that CMBO offered me a resolution of 1400x1050! I've never heard or read of this particular CMx1 resolution before, and going by Tech Support's abov
  13. Ok, I tried looking up exactly when the signal/flare hatch/port was introduced on the T-34, but without luck. However, I did get closer to an answer about flag signalling and the port in question. There are early-war main hatch photos such as this museum one: http://www.army.lv/photos/18331.jpg And this historical in-wartime one: http://www.e-reading-lib.com/illustrations/100/100678-_234.jpg And in the corner of each you can see a small hatch within the main hatch, which is probably the thing we're looking for. But the problem with such pictures is they don't tell us whether these thing
  14. Apologies for the typo in para 1: "singal" should read "single", but I was unable to use the edit function.
  15. I've read and learnt different to Kettler about the T34 signalling, in that the initial 1940 T34s (and possibly some or all those built in 1941?) did NOT have a dedicated signal/flare port but just had a singal heavy main hatch. http://www.militaryfactory.com/armor/detail.asp?armor_id=38 And that this meant signalling with flags in battle were indeed deadly for the commander, as he'd have to pop up (or rather, sit on the turret roof) and wave his arms and signal flags about. And so rather than do this under fire, they tended to play a simple follow-the-leader, like ducklings, without any
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