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Key/download questions

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I was on the Beta team years back so Steve sent me a key (hi Steve!) and when CMBN came out I got a very nice metal box version.


I'm going to install again after many lapsed years but IIRC I just used the Beta key - where is the one that came with my hard media? Speaking of which, I no longer have a CD player in my PC so I assume I can download, find the key from somewhere, update from the 2011 version ( :lol: ) and be good to go?



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This one CMBN Upgrade 3+4 $15 will get you going the shortest and most affordable way. The purchase should come with a download link. (I am just a customer myself, but my 'upgrade 4' purchases all came with a download link for an all-in-one game install package)


You are then playing the latest and greatest CMBN game, but still without access to the 2 CMBN addon modules, which have also been released since.

Edit: also still without access to CMBN addons 'Vehicle pack' and 'Battle pack'. So if missing out on that is an issue, consider one of the bundles in the 'store' instead. https://www.battlefront.com/battle-for-normandy/

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