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License failure problem on install

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Please help.

I installed the game, when it asked for license key I put in my old CMSF1 marines bundle installation key.  It ran through and said success you have unlocked the old version and new version.

Then I run the game to play and it says license failure.  So I pulled up the activate new products app and put the same key in and same thing.  Says it's unlocked but then when I go to play it won't start and says license failure.

What am I doing or missing here?  I feel stupid.  

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Don't delete it. Having a similar issue here. What did you read that fixed it for you? What steps did you take to fix it?

I installed the full CMSF2 Upgrade suite, then fired it up and Activated it with original CMSF1 key. Activation reported successful. Hit play. Got window with firing vehicle pic in it, no text or anything else. Window was hung. Closed it, fired it up again - and it wants me to activate again. Same process ensues.

What should I do to fix this?


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Ah, good, someone posted in the main thread. The answer is that you have to run the Activation screen twice, and activate once with the original key, and then with the new key. (Reverse order of activation is acceptable too.) There is no prompt to tell you this, but the game will work after the second code is input. Don't worry if you've put one code in multiple times, it will still work when the second code is put in.

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