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Will shelling IEDs detonate them?


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11 hours ago, Apache said:

In one of the demo scenarios there is an IED placed on a bridge which I want to cross.  How is it best to deal with these? Are fire with HE?  Can't seem to find a way to disable / detonate it.

You must be talking about CMSF 1 or 2?

There is no way to spot or deal with an IED other than to get blown up by it.  IED's are not mines, and are activated by an enemy unit either by wire or cell phone etc.  The only way to deal with an IED is to either kill the enemy triggerman, or prevent him from seeing the IED area so he doesn't know your units are at that location - by using smoke etc.


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Yeah, cross game confusion.  Been jumping back and forth between titles.  It's the Rolling Thunder Scenario:






Has a red TRP and what I guess must be mines, not an IED,  near the bridge on the left flank when viewed from blue side.  Never been able to find a way to disable them.

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Yes, there are three mine markers (all antitank) and a TRP. There are ways of dealing with them as Wicky says, but they are all time consuming and blasting them with arty uses up precious ammo. Suggest you consider a different route. The stream is shallow and fordable (I think) along most of its length.


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