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CMBO-From out of the Dust

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This is the tournament site, I will be posting first round match ups here hopefully within a day. You each will be receiving emails with a password that will be used for all six of the Scenarios you play. You also should start receiving scenario's sometime this week, these will be started in hotseat mode, the passwords will be assigned and then I will be sending it to one player with his briefing detached. The second player will only receive his briefing from me at this point. The first player will use his assigned password, start the game from that point and forward it as a normal PBEM.

There are 14 players, good luck, and may your pixal soldiers serve you well.

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Match #1 The last road out

Americans vs Germans

Ozi Digger vs Gavlong

Mikado vs Zweihorn

K.A. Miles vs melb_will

Dinga44 vs fiaros

Walker vs BertBlitzkrieg

Warhammer vs Major Tum

Gort vs U8led

Match #2 The bloody stream

Germans vs British

Ozi Digger vs Zweihorn

Mikado vs melb_will

K.A. Miles vs fiaros

Dinga44 vs BertBlitzkrieg

Walker vs Major Tum

Warhammer vs U8led

Gort vs Gavlong

Match #3 What were we thinking

Germans vs Americans

Ozi Digger vs melb_will

Mikado vs fiaros

K.A. Miles vs BertBlitzkrieg

Dinga44 vs Major Tum

Walker vs U8led

Warhammer vs Gavlong

Gort vs Zweihorn

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I would enjoy it, if some of you will remember me and send a few turns of your matches at important events, to let me see how the battles are shaping up.

Also you might want to save a few special turns because I will likely request them from the winner to make a screen shot to add in the award document.

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Relax. My scenarios feature the other side of a typical soldiers life during WW2. You know, hanging around the base, cleaning their gear, maybe some vehicle maintenance. Things like that.

I leave the death and destruction to the other designers. That stuff bores the hell out of me.

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OK Guys, I have already made a bad mistake, I had some emails with the wrong briefings. At this point it would give some a advantage if I just sent them the corrected briefing, so to make things as fair as possible I have sent you all the briefings for both sides for all three matches. Look at it as good intellegence work by your recon units. Sorry once again, I need to do a double check before sending next time.

A Email with these was sent to each of you

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