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Why not throw the mines?

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I was recently playing the BO demo (hope to get the full game soon) scenario Valley of Trouble as the Germans and placed the AT mines in my blind spot on the reverse slope of Hill 198. Though my AT units could not see the mines, several infantry units could.

About seven or eight minutes into the action, an M4/105 rolled through the mines to target an MG bunker. No damage. It rolled a little to far and came under 75mm fire. It reversed back through the minefield at a different angle. No damage. A few minutes later it came back through the field, was not damaged by mines but was hit by a shell and destroyed.

A little later another Sherman did a shoot and scoot through the mines and back and wasn't touched.

A third Sherman then entered the minefield but was destroyed by the Panther before it could exit. I have a sneaking suspicion it would not have been disabled by a mine.

I believe I had been given dud mines. The AP mines did their job just fine but there was something maddening about those AT mines. Five and a half passes through them, at different angles, and not one detonation. I could have done better with a suicide mine unit where derelicts toss a mine and themselves under the tracks of an Allied tank.

Oh, well. A win is a win. But it could have been much easier...

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That is odd. Sometimes Mines do not work. But your experience seems especially odd.

Last night I had two tanks roll right through an AT Minefield of mine. It sure can be frustrating.

You ARE sure they were AT mines, right? (Sorry, just had to ask.) smile.gif


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IIRC there was a conversation about this in TPG where the info about minefield detonation was passed around. The conclusion was that moving slowly across minefield there is a possibility of 33% to survive across it. Then if you you add another minefield on top of the other the odds of survival go down and so on. If you use fastmove it is harder to spot mines and it isd more likely to hit a mine than going through slowly.

Just my .02c




here is a link to a test about mines at the proving grounds

Mine Test

Good stuff and lots of test in the playtest tactics area and other research areas

Tactics section

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My testing of various vehicles running through AT mines found they went off half the time when a fully tracked vehicle went thrugh, letting the vehicle pass unharmed half the time. When hit, full AFVs were KOed about half the time and immbolized the other half. Wheeled vehicles I saw far more immobilizations than full KOs and the hit chance strangely seemed higher. A lighter vehicle did not reduce detonation chance. For defenders, you should think of single AT mine tiles as chance hitters not impassible obstacles. If you want an impassible obstacle use a roadblock. 2-3 AT mines in succession might effectively form an impassible barrier, but the roadblock is cheaper.

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JasonC re: why not throw the mines?; somewhat my feeling but in relation to having Infantry especially Engineers and Tank-Hunter teams carry them for Anti-Tank close assault purposes. Ever seen the film "Cross of Iron", or else there are quite a few good pics of soldiers placing mines on tanks or daringly attatching them underneath them! :eek:

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