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Putin's War Against Ukraine. Book

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6 hours ago, sburke said:

One thing that I have always liked about most of the discussions here is the request for hard evidence when it comes to figuring armor penetration, mobility etc to the point that we see these advanced rha calculations, modeling of armor etc, yet when it gets to the political/social side there seems to be a willingness to forego that same standard of evidence.  We are all here fascinated to some degree or another by history.  We should hold ourselves to the same standards in our social/political discussions as we do our technical discussions.  At least we can try.

That's a valid point. But we also need to keep in mind that discussions of a social/political nature are usually inherently "fuzzier" in nature and defy mathematical precision, or at least make it very difficult. I have a close friend who is a sociologist who sometimes surprises me with his ability to actually come up precise quantifications, but he has been steeping himself in the data all his adult life and has far more of it to play with than any of us. Most of us paint with a pretty broad brush because chances are that is the only tool we have. Still and all, it is worth the effort to nail down hard facts when we can and not leave assertions simply lying on the table.


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