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Has 4.0 made the stock campaigns unplayable?

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personally  i dont think that 4.0 makes campaigns unplayable. i really like the new infantry behaviour regarding small arms fire.when i read this thread i see people who say that their troops break the moment the come under fire,this however is not the case in my expierence.i have actually lesser broken or rattled units now than that i had before because my units now pull back much quicker when they come under fire.before units usally only pulled back after they have taken casualties,resulting in broken or rattled units,where as now when my units retreat quickly their morale goes up again to ok or cautious almost immediately.                                                                                                                                                          from what i have seen my units usually retreat when the enemy has fire superiority or when the get suprised by another unit close by,which for me in both cases makes perfect sense to me and ads realism to the game.

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I preferred the old infantry behavior when facing small arms fire, particularly where urban fighting is concerned, but the only real "deal breaker" for me is the behavior of infantry under shellfire.  If there is arty dropping, no soldier be he conscript or elite, is going to break and run unless he has literally had his mind fractured since the only thing one can do to improve one's chances of survival in a barrage is to go flat and try to burrow.  This makes even less sense when you have men in trenches and foxholes giving up the only cover that can save them to go sprinting through a maelstrom of shrapnel.

With that being said, I am still enjoying the hell out of CMFI and will just avoid the scenarios with entrenched enemies until the reaction to arty is sorted out.

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