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  1. I have played this scenario a month or 2 ago and it really isnt that hard too win this scenario,i got a total victory before even entering the town because the enemy surrendered with 34 minutes left left on the clock.
  2. Easy choice for me,early war May - June 1940.Lots of possibilities for scenarios,much more interesting than north Africa.But i dont think we will ever see that in cm,so i hoping the new steel panthers game will cover this period when it comes out. Btw,anybody else looking forward to the new steel panthers?
  3. i just downloaded them without problems,thanks for making these.
  4. I was having the same problem,random crashes after about 30 - 40 minutes in game. It seems that the problem has something to do whit the shaders,after i turned of the shaders i have played about 15 hours now without a single crash.
  5. shadowplay works for me,i can take screenshots en record with it just as long as i dont open the overlay.
  6. personally i dont think that 4.0 makes campaigns unplayable. i really like the new infantry behaviour regarding small arms fire.when i read this thread i see people who say that their troops break the moment the come under fire,this however is not the case in my expierence.i have actually lesser broken or rattled units now than that i had before because my units now pull back much quicker when they come under fire.before units usally only pulled back after they have taken casualties,resulting in broken or rattled units,where as now when my units retreat quickly their morale goes up again to o
  7. hi guys i was just playing the 3rd mission in the welcome to sicily campaing and something strange happend, i had 2 shermans firing at a concrete bunker and after a few shots there was an explosion and the bunker started to burn. i have been playng combat mission for a few years now and i have never seen this happen before. so i'm wondering is this happend to someone else before or is this some weird glitch or something i am seeing here because i find it very strange that a concrete bunker would burst into flames.
  8. have you put the correct files in the z folder?most mods are ziped files and you must unzip them before you put them in the z folder.
  9. what is probably happening here is that the machingun has a line of fire and the main gun has not.
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