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Is there an AI tutorial that does a step-by-step? I have downloaded several maps that are empty of any setup zones, units, terrain or unit objectives and AI. Since I usually play the Germans and use quick battles, setting these maps up for Axis probe/attack/assault works great since all I have to do is
1. create setup zones for both sides
2. give the Russians a terrain objective with points and a name, holding most of terrain where they are set up, then do the same for Germans
3. for Russians, paint a couple of different AI plans for setup in the setup zone (so they don't always come from same direction). Plans are (top to bottom) Used Sometimes (if I have more than 1 plan), Group 1, Setup, Mixed, Normal, Passengers Dismount. For Germans, I don't bother since I will be directing them
4. For Russians, also paint a support target or two if I want to deal with indirect fire while attacking
5 Save it with a unique file name.

HOWEVER, if I try setting up a meeting engagement or Allied offense by doing all the above and giving Russians an objective within or past the German setup zone, the Russian arty fires support OK but the units just sit there. Have tried looking at how existing scenarios are set up and have yet to break the code.

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AI features are advancing more rapidly than tutorials for them can be generated. The basic stuff will always be the basic stuff and will get you 80% of the way there.
The trick is to not think too big at first. Don't be too ambitious. It'll only frustrate you. Make a couple small test scenarios first just so you can see the AI reacting to your orders ('scenario author' play mode is very useful here). Getting your units to move from A to B at the time you want it half the battle... virtually!

I located a Youtube tutorial on using AI triggers that starts out assuming you know nothing about AI design.


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