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What could cause blasting to kill the entire engineer squad?

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While on the attack, against prepared defensive positions, I used a squad of engineers to blow a hole in some barbed wire to clear a blocked bridge. The explosives went off as expected, but what I wasn't expecting was every single member of the squad getting blasted with it.

If this isn't a bug (I'm trying to think of how it could be, considering how many times I've blasted before in CM without issue), is there any situation anyone here knows of that could cause this?


There's an imgur link to screenshots of it. One interesting thing with this is that the two man scout team next to the engineers were unharmed.

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Spoiler: highlight following text for a hint to this mission :)

Used to have loads of trouble with this mission, but it's not so difficult actually. The trick is to realise that it's really dark when the mission starts. It only looks like it's twilight to the player's eye, but to the troops it's nearly pitch black. If you're fast, you can cross the bridge quickly without too much opposition, and then the rest of the mission is way easier.

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