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MG Bridge Number Seven (SLIM vs John Kettler)

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(Decrypted US radio message)


Good drop. Say again. Good drop. No hostile fire at DZ. Reorganizing and advancing to seize Objective Dog as ordered. Out.


(End decrypt)


Those few sentences signal the beginning of my paratroopers' drive to seize the vital Bridge Number Seven over the Maas-Waal Canal. I have a plan, but whether or not it's a good one has yet to meet the test of battle.  I find the complete absence of intel about the defenses or the defenders quite disturbing, and SLIM's already assured me he can hardly wait to shoot me in the face with a MG. Ah, the dull, dull life of a combat CO in the 82nd Airborne, the All Americans!




John Kettler





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If everything is positioned on the map exactly as it was historically, then it must just be a succession of unfortunate circumstances. If not, then the scenario designer was downright fiendish in the way things are aligned. Either way, the sight lines are simply awful--the opposite of what you might expect to be the case. I've got eyeballs all over the place, and most of them can see everywhere but where I need them to. I believe the US CO (as in moi) should be issued a bottle of whisky when playing this scenario, said medicament to dull massive levels of command frustration occasioned by being unable to see--much of anything!  I'm doing gobs and gobs of maneuver, to no apparent positive result at all. Other than lots of exercise for the men! The good news? I'm frustrating SLIM who's just dying to machine gun my sky soldiers! 




John Kettler

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I finally managed to get LOS to the foe, so I celebrated the 82nd's arrival in Holland by bagging a German and putting a bunch of others in fetal position. No return fire. Combat Camera did a bang up job and caught the Landser with his helmet flying off as he toppled into the canal.




An instant later, we don't have to rely on my assessment. It's official.




At first glance, this simply looks like a view from the American end of the map. If you look more closely, though, you'll see the fruits of enormous labor to get troops where they could do their jobs. Outgoing fire! Some of it (not shown) made devout dirt worshipers of another clutch of Landser, but they lost no vital fluids as a result.




This CO is pleased with the combat debut of his men!




John Kettler

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Would you like me to embed your screenshots for you?


Have played this scenario as the Americans before, you're in for an interesting battle.


Edit: We can get the screens to appear like so if you'd think that would flow better.


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Would very much appreciate your doing that for me, both here and at the very image rich Forever War QB I'm having with BD over on CMBS. I guarantee you many people would be grateful--starting with me. It's hard to sustain a narrative when the near photo essay's pics aren't immediately to hand. The pic you posted is my Combat Camera shot.



John Kettler

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The mighty MG-42 has entered the fray, but it appears the Germans have a manpower crisis at the local level. Also, it's apparent there is a major shortage of building materials, as seen in the open ended trench! (BFC, please find a way to seal these things, for this is ridiculous; CMx1 had trenches with closed ends).






Now arriving



Hit the deck!



One good turn...




The identified German fire teams have now been driven out of the their positions and the HMG-42 suppressed. I have, for now at least, gained fire superiority. Am continuing to build my base of fire. The HMG-42 is/was a fearsome beast, and I'm glad my shooters have good cover. Wouldn't be pretty were the walls wood! 




John Kettler

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I took a bunch of pics last showing the Americans doing c3k's favorite activity for pixel soldiers--attacking! Unlike his, mine are taking full advantage of things like covering fire, effective use of terrain and other tricks of the martial trade. I've taken a stack of pics showing the attackers going forward, with suppressive fire zipping overhead. But I likely won't post them until tomorrow, since I'm pretty wrecked and having vision blurriness. Despite having slept.


SLIM appears to be using smoke to put a full crew on the HMG-42 which has only one man cowering on the bottom of his trench. that needs to be decisively dealt with. Have also put some serious hurt on another one I found near the blockhouse. One man's down with a Red hit, another's cowering and only the leader was up when I took the pic.




Now, evidently no one is up. In fact, I've got nothing but a sea of "maybe German here" icons showing. Compared to the battles I fought in CMBN (never fought a QB that I recall), I'm doing well, I think, and really enjoy being out of the bocage. Getting and keeping my units cohesive is a chore, but I find it exhilarating to handle troops as though I know what I'm supposed to do and with what I deem to be pretty fair tactics. I worry, though, about my classic attack, as opposed to the mad dash used historically. Racing down the road in columns of platoons strikes me as a recipe for disaster if even one HMG-42 opens up on such a formation, and so far, I know for sure there are at least two at SLIM's disposal. My other concern is what effect my spending the time to build a base of fire and obtain fire superiority will have on how many Landser my men will have to face. 


(ruminates a bit, then revisits pics)


Okay, I've decided to post a few.

With fire superiority largely established (something nasty may yet open up abruptly), my men jump off and begin the attack.














John Kettler





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Alright, sorry for the delay. The screenshots in chronological order from post #6 onwards. Would highly reccomend hereafter you use an imagehost akin to postimage; will help the AAR flow more than dropbox links could. Enjoying the AAR regardless.


Given how differently SLIM deployed compared to the AI in this scenario, I find it interesting that your movements are similar to mine own when I AAR'd this.


Post 6




<snip> Forums don't allow that many images in a post </snip>
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Two turns ago, I noticed something quite odd on playback. Ricochets from a house I hadn't targeted! Turns out closer inspection revealed something altogether different. Landser in the house shooting at my advancing paratroopers!




The last man in that group caught a bullet, and he can be seen here toppling.



Close-up and from a different angle




Meanwhile, my men surge forward.



Sometimes, they're even spread out laterally.



It took a bunch of tries, but I finally captured the superb conditioning of my men. Just look at the strength and style as this man one hand vaults the split rail fence.



This one had me worried. Fortunately, the "hot" end shows it's going and not coming!




Last turn really had nothing worth capturing to share with you. I'm sure you all can envisage a bunch of the prior pic all hitting that house on the bridge approaches. I count myself fortunate the house had only a couple of infantrymen in it and not a squad or an MG team. That would've really hurt.




John Kettler

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  • 3 weeks later...

The war is still very much on, but I was waiting days for SLIM's turn. Actually, it was my turn, and the delay was so protracted SLIM pinged me to make sure I was okay. The confusion arose because things were crazy here and CM Helper glitched. SLIM told me yesterday his turn was in DB, so I went there, manually transferred the turn to my Incoming E-mail and opened up Saved Game. The turn was there, and CM Helper, which had earlier not responded at all to complete shutdown and restart, now woke up, indexed the turn properly and showed  Your Turn in the game window.


The battle itself has entered a new and not much fun phase. I'm having to advance over exposed ground while not being able to see much because of the way the terrain drapes, if you will, Also, in order to attack, I've had to abandon many former perches, losing the sight lines they had. Consequently, I've deployed a net of scouts to get as far forward as possible and see as deeply into the area on the far bank as possible. I know SLIM's all set and ready to shoot me in face, but a heavy campaign against his base of fire has, I believe, stood me well. Assess one killed HMG-42 (cut up by DF, but finished off by 60 mm mortar fire) and one probable via DF. While I don't like advancing over open ground, I'd like it even less in the face of two functioning, dug-in HMG-42s!


Speaking of fire, look what my scouts found. Someone for whom suppression got considerably closer.




CMBN has many cool features, but I believe this conga line may be a first! Call it interesting pathing.






John Kettler

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All efforts on my end, as well as a protracted effort by Doug Williams, have failed to open the turn. Doug thinks it's a simple PW error, but I'm not sure and have asked SLIM to send me a throwaway QB setup for testing of proper PW functioning. I really need to know whether my machine is having issues. As for Bridge Number Seven, unless someone has a top grade magic wand and knows the spell Turnus Openius, Passwordius Crackus or some such, that battle's over, and SLIM and I have agreed upon a draw. He has said he'll post thoughts and pics regarding his take on the battle--as far as it got. What a shame it ended this way!




John Kettler

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I find the complete absence of intel about the defenses or the defenders quite disturbing, and SLIM's already assured me he can hardly wait to shoot me in the face with a MG. Ah, the dull, dull life of a combat CO in the 82nd Airborne, the All Americans!


Pre battle orders: "Shoot the enemy in the middle of his face! That is all!" :P


That absence of intel worked both ways John. I had no idea what I was going to be up against, but as you'll read in my DAR/AAR I used some logic to come to some frighteningly accurate conclusions!


(Would show a pic, but it would provide altogether too much valuable info to SLIM)


No worries about that, I noticed the thread and immediately ignored it, I don't need to steal intel from a forum thread when I had your guys in my binoculars for most of the fight. Now, if any of my guys had possessed a scoped Mauser... ;)


Compared to the battles I fought in CMBN (never fought a QB that I recall), I'm doing well, I think, and really enjoy being out of the bocage.


You and me both, The Road to Montebourg still haunts my dreams occasionally, and I haven't even finished it yet!


Given how differently SLIM deployed compared to the AI in this scenario, I find it interesting that your movements are similar to mine own when I AAR'd this.


Yes, I took one look at the initial setup and thought, "This won't do at all!" Then proceeded to redeploy everything including the kitchen sink.


I know SLIM's all set and ready to shoot me in face, but a heavy campaign against his base of fire has, I believe, stood me well. Assess one killed HMG-42 (cut up by DF, but finished off by 60 mm mortar fire) and one probable via DF.


No such luck! My gunners were still ready and willing to perforate your men with hot lead!


All that being said, once the companion video is done uploading I'll post all my stuff here.

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SLIM vs. John Kettler

Bridge Number Seven


Author's note: I deliberately injected humor into this DAR while it was being written. The vast majority of it was the result of sleep deprivation at night, or the lack of adequate caffeine consumption in the morning. None of it is intended to disrespect my opponent, it was all done in jest.


"Never have I agonized so much, over a setup so small." - The Deployment Phase




This picture shows my initial setup. The scout team on the other side of the bridge was unable to re-deploy, so I left them in place with a 100 meter cover arc. Their job is to open fire on anyone trying to move in front of the white building. I have 1 squad split into teams entrenched to watch the end of the building, and the berm across the canal.


The main force of the platoon is entrenched behind the Block House, consisting of two squads, the HQ, and the other scout team. I don't know what I'm going to do with them yet, so I entrenched them in a position that will hopefully be safe from treebursting mortars.


The three story building to the right is a heavy brick building. Initially I did not want to occupy it, considering it sticks out like a sore thumb. However, the position is too valuable to not post a machinegun in it, so there we are. The HMG Section HQ is on the third floor for spotting, the second HMG team is on the second floor. The first floor is on a reverse slope from the rest of the map, and can be used as a shelter from direct fire. I placed the HMG on the second floor, because in my experience, the middle floors of a building are the safest from indirect fire.




This picture shows the position of my first HMG team. I'm calling this position my ace-in-the-hole. It is concealed by trees, and entrenched. It offers partial line-of-fire over the fields leading up to the berm, and direct fire against it can be avoided by simply hiding. There is an empty trench section placed on the road 50 meters in front of the position as a decoy.



Aside from the two teams on spotting duty, all units are on [Hide] until they are given clearance to open fire. This platoon represents my entire force, and no reinforcements are expected. Enemy forces are completely unknown, but I can draw a few conclusions:



1) The 60mm Mortar.


I am up against U.S. Airborne Infantry in this scenario, and wherever U.S. troops go, they bring the excellent 60mm mortar with them. I can expect every position spotted by John will take mortar hits, so upon noticing spotting rounds, hide or displace.



2) Firepower.


U.S. Airborne are armed with a plethora of small arms, submachine guns, carbines, scoped bolt-action rifles, semiautomatic rifles, automatic rifles, and machineguns. My squads are not equipped with LMG's so the only mobile firepower I have is a few MP40s. I can expect the U.S. to have far superior firepower in nearly every firefight.



3) Manpower.


Not only am I expecting to be outnumbered by a 3:1 ratio, but the Airborne troops I'm facing will likely be of Veteran quality compared to my Regulars. Combined with the lack of firepower, and absense of indirect support, the situation is looking grim before we've even started.



4) Distance.


The one thing working in my favor is the large open spaces between me and John. I have two HMG 42's setup with wide open fields of fire, over a vast portion of that open space. If I can carefully time the moment I open fire, I might be able to cause significant casualties in a short time. It's a long shot, but the only other option I have is to revert to a close range, reverse-slope defense, which will basically cede control of the entire map, and I'm not willing to do that unless forced to.




Opening Moves - The First Few Minutes





My machinegun Section HQ spots what looks like two squads of Americans moving down the road towards the church.




The contacts are only visible for a few seconds, so I decide to have my MG's stay hidden. Three rifle teams are moving up to hopefully try a very sneaky maneuver, and to place more guns in a position from which they can fire.




My ace-in-the-hole HMG team lost it's LOS after the game started due to terrain deformation under the trench I placed, they will redeploy towards the decoy trench in front of them. The more I study the terrain, the more nervous I'm getting. I really do hate the position I'm occupying, but there doesn't seem to be any other option.



Second Guessing - The Next Few Minutes



Two of my rifle teams are now moving down the canal in front of my position.




Where are they going? What is their purpose? Did they remember to pack a lunch? To be honest, at this exact moment, I have no idea. My intent is to use them to add a bit of firepower to my opening ambush. They will most likely die in their new positions. A forlorn hope if you will.




I also manage to get a rifle team into the house looking down the road to John's approach route. I sincerely hope these guys got into position without being spotted. The advance of that U.S. infantry squad took me by surprise.

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My fears about fighting the U.S. Airborne is confirmed as I study the squad I've spotted. In this single squad, I see a machinegun, a scoped rifle, two automatic rifles, a semiautomatic rifle with grenade launcher, a carbine, two semiautomatic rifles, and two submachineguns!


This single ten-man squad has about as much firepower as half my platoon.



A shadow of doubt and fear is growing in my mind. On one hand, if John's leading elements continue to move across my front to the right, the more effectively I can ambush them. On the other hand, if my initial fires do not cause enough casualties, my ambush will be rapidly overwhelmed. I am now locked in an argument with myself on whether or not to commit more forces to the opening move, or to hold them in reserve. Every single submachinegun in my platoon is being held in reserve, should I commit some to the line, or wait?



I think the sooner we start shooting at each other, the better. If John tries to establish a squad in one of the buildings with LOS to my position, or if he closes to within 300 meters, I will fire on him.



Now all there is to do is wait...




I didn't have to wait long, on the very next turn John's infantry come boiling out of the woodwork.


Nearly all of my troops have reached their positions, orders have been given to open fire!



Sitting and Waiting - The Next Couple Minutes



[P.S. Have you ever wanted to grab your machinegunner and slap him in his stupid face? I spent the whole next turn watching my HMG team get LOS on enemy squads, then spent the whole turn undeploying the gun, and running back and forth like a d*mb*ss.]


[P.P.S. I had to spend the next turn watching entire enemy squads non-chalantly walk down the street, without a care in the world. If my HMG's hadn't decided to undeploy, I could have bagged at least a whole squad!]




"Sie gottverdammten idoit ! Lassen Sie das Gewehr allein und Feuer!" - Oberleutnant SLIM


Now, what is missing from this picture? BULLETS!


Now I have to sit and watch for two and a half minutes while these guys are walking around not getting shot at! ARGH!


Next Turn - My whole ambush idea is gone now. There are no longer any enemy infantry in a position from which I can shoot at them. Worst of all, the LOF my HMG's are deploying to shoot at are no longer occupied by enemy troops. Which means I'm going to have to redeploy my machine guns again, and wait for another two and a half minutes for them to open fire. No enemy squads are currently visible, and at least two squads now have overwatch on my gun positions from two story buildings.



Next Turn - AHHHHH!!! He undeployed the @#$%^&* gun again! WHAT THE @#$%^&*!



Next Turn - Okay, I sent my HMG team to the third floor of the building, and my gunner went to the ONLY window that does not have LOS. Other troops in the team can see the enemy, but the gunner refuses to move to a spot where he can shoot from!



I'm quickly become irritated by this crap. Machinegun deployment issues is something I've brought up a long time ago, and it is now rearing it's head again at the most unfortunate time. This is why I hate fighting from a building.



- The Action Begins




Click 'Watch on YouTube" to see this in glorious 1080p HD ;)


Time Codes listed below match the ones visible in the video:


48-45 - My machineguns finally are able to open fire, but the effect is too small and too late. They are rapidly suppressed by return fire, and I'm now beginning to think I need to make some dramatic changes to my defense.


45-44 - As you can see in the video, at 15 minutes into this battle, I was forced to abandon my defense. At the cost of two casualties, (hopefully not more) I have managed to force John to deploy his troops and return fire. All observed movement from his side of the field has stopped. I'm fairly sure he hasn't taken any casualties from my token MG fire, but he is starting to lose time.



My plan now is to run out the clock for as long as possible, and make preparations to repel a violent close-range assault. All of my SMG's are distributed in a layered, short range reverse slope defense. Unfortunately, this means I have completely handed the initiative over to my opponent. This is not something I'm confortable with.



44-43 - My MG Platoon HQ is moving over to the decoy trench position, they will throw smoke grenades to cover the withdrawal of that team. I have abandoned the Block House.



43-42 - Damn it, my smoke is going the wrong way, and My MG team next to the building took a casualty. This clearly isn't working.




To make matters worse, one of John's troops is just sitting out in the open, mocking me with his unperforated face!




Maybe Fritz here can take him out?

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42-41 - My rifle team near the road spots 2 squads advancing on his position. He's got a 175 meter cover arc, and he's ready to get some!


41-40 - It seems John isn't content to run down the clock. The incoming fire has slackened off, and I observe movement along the approach route. There are a couple squads advancing to the right very far out there, but that is certainly a diversion. The only crossing point to the objective is directly in front of my position, the canal is unfordable.


40-39 - I thought the tall grass might be enough to hide those two rifle teams while they crawled into position. They paid for my mistake. Honestly, I'm all out of ideas on how to try to shape this battle. Time to circle the wagons.


39-38 - John is advancing again, and I got a nice view of a successful rifle team ambush. I don't know if they hit anything, but I finally managed to strike back in a small way.


38-37 - (I forgot to record some action.) My rifle team in the house doesn't even get to finish reloading before they're suppressed. My forlorn hope is moving into a new position, from which they might be able to get some shots in. I managed to get my HMG out of the decoy position, and will redeploy them. Everyone else is hunkered down tight as the first mortar rounds begin to fall. One lands in front of the blockhouse, and one falls in the field behind my position. It looks like spotting rounds from two separate mortars.


37-36 - Another spotting round has fallen, but I haven't identified the aiming point. All of my teams in the trenches have placed cover arcs and are hiding. It's the best I can do right now.


36-35 - John drops a quick mortar barrage to no effect. HMG Section HQ is moving back into the Block House O.P. My rifle team pinned down at the road has gotten out of the house, and took up a position behind it. The clock continues to wind down...




The only thing that mortar barrage did was kill one of my wounded guys who had been lying in the grass waiting for buddy aid. How do you feel about that John, killing off a guy like that? You monster! ;)


35-34 - The mortar barrage continues this turn, no casualties. The remains of my forlorn hope come running back into the lines. Corporal Slanger was heard to remark, "What a big waste of time that was!"

I'm sorry Slanger, but you and your boys did a valuable service. John's troops are still immobilized trying to suppress an empty building, and he's busy dropping mortars on a position that's no longer occupied. That makes everything worth it!


34-33 - The mortar barrage has finally ended. John has thoroughly punished that stone wall in front of the Block House. Maybe he didn't like the stonework? More movement is spotted on the other end of the field. My HMG HQ made it back up to the third floor of the Block House without being spotted. First useful thing he's done all day.




We're not in Mexico, so is this a Danish Standoff? A rifle team in the back of a house, an unknown number of paratroopers in front. Is he going to blast his way in? Will my boys stay unsuppressed? Can they kill a few Americans before they die? They did all reload their rifles before redeploying, so every man has five bullets to insert into his enemies. Look here Mars, these men are my sacrifice to you!


Observations from the Block House report John's troops are running across the big field. It seems he's not content to waste time and ammo anymore? Nearly all of my teams are now in their final positions. There is nothing to do now but wait.


33-32 - The Danish Standoff has resulted in two casualties on my side, and two on John's.




There's no point trying to extract this rifle team, so here they die.


32-31 - This rifle team is cold as ice! In spite of a bust of machinegun fire, both survivors crawl over to the wounded and start buddy aid.


I can hear nearly constant gunfire from John's troops, but I have no idea what they're shooting at. How much ammo does he have left anyway? Is he confused, or is he trying to confuse me? Are we both in a state of mystification? Is that even a word?


31-30 - John's on the move again. It looks like a whole platoon running down the road. The rifle team is dead, apparently John Rambo showed up with his machine gun and took them both out with one burst. Nothing to do now but maintain my cover arcs and hope for the best.


30-29 - Nothing to report. Still sporadic fire from John's positions.


29-28 - More sporadic fire, turns out it's aimed at my forward trenches. Still no effects though.


28-27 - Sporadic fire has ceased, movement is picking up slightly. I'm almost tempted to pop off a few rounds just to see if I can get John to stop moving again. I'll give it a couple turns, maybe the range will come down slightly.


27-26 - A scout team is advancing into the wheat field, other squads are in motion. Still nothing that looks like a general advance.


26-25 - (No video this turn.) More scouts pushed forward into the wheat fields, no other movement.


25-24 - (No video this turn.) A full squad has pushed into the wheatfield. No other movement. I'm sending my one-man rifle team into the second floor of the Storage Building. Maybe he can pop off a few rounds and let John know I'm watching him. There's been a lot of time wasted, if I was John I would have started making preparations to assault the objectives ten minutes ago. This apparent lack of activity is very mysterious.


24-23 - (No video this turn.) Movement is increasing. It looks like John is pulling the old CM trick whereby you move your troops in short steps, making sure they're in cover at the end of the turn to prevent targeting by enemy weapons. Little does John know, I don't even have a mortar to shoot at him! Which is too bad, because one of his squads has been stationary for three minutes next to fence.




This is the second time I've had to sit impotently while John's troops enjoy a nice relaxing stroll around the countryside. The first time was because my HMG guys couldn't deploy a gun to save their lives. This time it's due to a lack of weaponry in a bridge guard unit. What, is there a shortage of mortars and LMG's at the front? Why can't I have a few of them?


23-22 - (No video this turn.) It seems John is now gearing up to make his big push. Several scout teams, and at least three full squads were in motion this turn.




Mein Gott! They're everywhere! What are we going to do? - My Pixeltruppen

Shoot them in the face! - Me


22-21 - (No video this turn.) For the first time in this scenario, I feel a faint glimmer of hope. It seems my strategy to run out the clock has been successful. There is only about 20 minutes left on the clock, and every passing second brings victory closer to my grasp.




John has pushed his scouts and leading squads right up to the wire, but seems hesitant to commit to the attack. My earlier skirmishing, as ineffective as it was, seems to have done it's job. I know John will attack soon, he has no choice in that regard. The point is, he will now be forced to launch an assault because he HAS to, not because he WANTS to. Running out the clock will force John to commit to the action I have been planning since the battle started.


21-20 - Private Clapp has had enough. He's watched all 3 of his teammates die today, and he's not going to take it any more. With this firing, the end of the scenario is at hand. Either John assaults and destroys my force, or I am able to hold him off long enough to win.

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It seems things will no longer continue, a forgotten password has rendered the  battle no longer playable. John has agreed to call things a draw, which is fine by me as that was probably the best result I could hope for.


What I'll do now is explain my plan for the defense of my objectives in detail, and give a bit of analysis of how I think the battle would have proceeded.




This picture shows the enemies eye view of the situation. You can see my objectives on the island between the canals. I had a couple of small ambushes laid in before John met my main defensive position.




The first ambush conisted of a Scout Team, with 3 SMG's waiting in defilade on the other side of the bridge. They have LOS and LOF to the edge of the white building, and can see a bit further than their cover arc is placed. Any of John's troops advancing up this path would have been taken under automatic fire.




The team has good cover and concealment in their current position, and has 672 9mm rounds ready to be inserted into the bodies of John's intrepid troopers!




This team is placed in the long white building, just in case John tried to Blast his way into it. They might have been able to ambush his breach team, or they could easily ambush anyone coming in the front door. There is only the one entrance into the building, so after being engaged, I was expecting to write this team off entirely.




Even if John eliminated the first couple of obstacles, he would have been forced to cross this ground in order to reach the bridge. This small piece of ground contains the majority of my firepower.




First up is my second Scout Team, 3 MP40's ready to spit lead at short range, protected by an entrenched position. Go ahead, make my day!

Although, this position is simply meant to force John to engage it, and run into my main line of resistance:

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From Left to Right:



Platoon HQ with SMG.



1st Squad A Team with SMG.



3rd Squad A Team with SMG



B Team HMG, these guys are itching for some payback for their dead team member. John emptied an entire mortar barrage on him while he was lying there wounded.



All of these teams are entrenched, and all have an automatic weapon. The range from the trench to the White Building is only 100 meters, easy shot for a submachine gun.

The entire trench position has LOS to the bridge, which means the only way John can cross it is to eliminate this position.

To prevent him from doing that, there are a few extra teams:




This is my HMG Section HQ, up on the third floor of the Block House. Provided he survived the small skirmish I had ordered him to engage in during the orders phase, he would have booked it back downstairs and joined the entrenched defenders.




This is Private Klapp, the last survivor of one of my rifle teams. He is posted in the second floor of the Storage Barn. His only orders were to kill someone, or die trying.

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This is my only intact rifle team from my earlier shenanigans. They're on the ground floor of the Storage Barn, and have LOS to just in front of the MLR troops ahead.



This is the HMG Team I had rescued from the decoy trench after they got shot at for what felt like hours. They had taken three casualties, but they still have their gun, and they're still willing to fight. +1 Rattled is as good as Okay in my book.




So this is the final dispositions from my point of view. I still had all my terrain objectives. Could I have stopped John's inevitable assault? Probably not. He enjoyed a large advantage over me in both firepower and manpower, and I'm certain he could have carried my positions had he exercised the will do do so. My only real option was to delay that final fight as long as possible, and given the fact there's only 20 minutes left on the clock shows how well I was able to accomplish that goal. If my ambushes would have stopped John for even five-seven minutes, I think I could have won due to the clock running out.


The trouble with my positions is that there is no room to maneuver or retreat. My defense is well planned, but completely inflexibile. The only thing that might have made it work, is that John's assault would have had to be equally as inflexible. There is only a single point of access into my area, and that's it.


John would have been forced to cross the ground of my choosing in order to win.


The match may have been cancelled, but for one, I am glad of it. I'm pretty sure my defenders would have been killed to the last man, because that's what my plan was in the first place.


I'd like to thank John for teaching me a few important lessons:


  • When placing an HMG inside a building, do not deploy it.
  • A position specifically built to be a decoy should never actually be occupied with troops.
  • Take note of the wind direction before throwing smoke grenades.
  • Sometimes confusion is better than clarity, especially when experienced by both sides. Learn to operate while confused, and you will act decisively at critical moments.
  • If you spend all your time fighting the A.I., the speed of a real human opponent's advances will catch you by surprise.
  • Maintain a stealthy observation of the enemy at all times, even partial intelligence is better than none.
  • Don't be afraid to sacrifice your men if there is no possible way to rescue them, it will buy you time to maneuver while your opponent deals with them.
  • HMG Section HQ's named Carstens are useless lumps who can do nothing but stare blankly into empty space through binoculars.


I guess that's it from my end, we went out with a whimper, not a bang.


Just FYI John, when you play against me, you don't need to enter a password. I'm old-school like that B)

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