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After Action Series CMBS

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I have had this idea for a VERY long time now and decided to go ahead and post and see where it leads. With the addition of hit decals to CM, BFC upped the cool/immersion factor by a mile. The holes and ricochets on tanks and vehicles really adds to the experience. But the one problem I find we have is that vehicles just still look too pristine, even after they have burned for ten turns or suffered a catastrophic brew up. Yeah, we have ragged holes but nothing else to tell the tale.


That's where the After Action Series of mods step in. Having seen the pioneering work that Blimey, Umlaut, and Kieme have done playing with vehicle flavor objects and the manipulation of alpha channels and such, I thought it would be cool to try and start a series of mods that can be used to show more extensive damage to vehicles in game. They would look great in AARs or just plain old screen shots. Or if you only had one type of the particular destroyed vehicle you could load the mod and leave it for the duration of your game.


Here's a before and after example of what I am talking about. These were done very quick and dirty just to illustrate and emphasize the cool factor. Imagine what they could be with some thought and effort.








The project is open to everyone. There's no rush, it's something that can be done over time, here and there. We have a lot of talented guys that haven't flexed their modding muscles in a while...MJ, DC, ahem.  All I would ask of anyone is that you follow a few very simple rules to keep the project coherent.


1. When filling out the name in the File Title bar on the upload info form start it with AAS, so when it is uploaded to the Repos they will all be in order and people can find them together as a whole.


Example: "AAS Destroyed BMP2" or "AAS Mord's Destroyed BMP2" A lot of us usually put our name first but in this case it would be best to have it further down the title or just put it on the promo screen shot.


2. Put "After Action Series" in your promo shot (that'll help identify them at Gaj's) and people will start to recognize it's a collection.


3. Announce your mod in this thread and we can keep an updated list of what's been made as we go. Though, It won't matter if guys end up doing some of the same vehicles and what not, you can't have enough carnage!


I am gonna start a thread in each mod forum to cater to each flavor of CM.


I hope you guys like the idea and will join in.


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My first addition to the RT version of the After Action Series is more of a tool than what was discussed above. You can use it for your AARs to high light specific damage or just as a forensic kit to help you better identify battlefield damage. I got the idea awhile back from Bil H, he used something similar in an AAR he did. Least I think it was him?




This pic will give you a good idea of what I mean. I would've never have noticed the ricochet after the shell pierced the gun mantle. I thought that was really interesting and cool.







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That was just suppose to be an example (I have them in each thread) but I do like the effect up around the turret so I am probably gonna keep it and work on it.




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