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  1. Hi All, I remember reading some time ago that owners of the original SF with modules were given the ability to pay a reduced upgrade fee. Any idea where or how I can do this seeing as it has been some time since SF2 release? Thank you!
  2. Huge fan of steam. Gone are the days of having to search for patches... oh wait... 🤔 😋 I understand the argument made by the developers against Steam but from a customer standpoint, I see nothing but value.
  3. Hello, Just want to share with you that the formatting seems off when viewing the new website on an ultra wide display. Resolution is 3440x1440. Pictures are to one side of the screen, text is off etc. Nothing urgent but from an aesthetic perspective it looks bad. Thank you
  4. I do agree a new engine should be the priority going forward.
  5. Just wanted to stop by and say thank you as I am using your mod currently and it adds some spice to the explosions. Always appreciate the eye candy.
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