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Just got CMFI+GL. Mod Suggestions?

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Hi everyone,


As the title states I just got CMFI+GL and the 3.0 upgrade and I was wondering if there are some mods out there that any of you would recommend me looking into. I have CMSF, CMBN, CMRT, and CMBS and have a few mods for all of them. Mostly uniform mods and reskins (Aris' vehicle reskins are supurb), some sound and UI mods, and some effects mods. Could you guys point me in the right direction for CMFI?


I usually go for the uniform mods/reskins first. Are the mods made for CMBN compatible with CMFI? 


Finally, are there any campaigns that you guys would recommend me downloading? I'm always on the prowl for some decent campaigns to play through to beef up what is already given with the base game. For example, Devils Decent for CMBN. Anything like that for CMFI?


Thanks in advance for any suggestions!


PS: I already know of and have HQS 2.0 sound mod, so that should cover sounds for me, unless there is another sound mod out there that you guys think would be worth mentioning. 



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I would highly recommend USA helmets by Egger and Bil's improved branch insignia and improved rank icons and then the one that I really really enjoy is the translucent brush and tree by Rocket Man.  Not much in the way of uniforms I'm afraid.  I guess the modders haven't gotten around to FI yet.


As far as will the BN uniform mods work for FI well that's up in the air from the responses I received but the one's I tired did not work.  


Good luck and there are some really good tank mods though!

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